Germany famous toys

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In Germany with a Fried forest graph article of the famous “toys” road of the 30 + town, near the produce the most famous brand toys.

Local almost all homes have between their own toys. Their toys generally have 14 or 15 square metre, between inside put table and all kinds of tools, but also making toys with the family treasure–a wide variety of toys.

In addition to its own to make a Toy, the locals have inherited the tradition of toys. A man named benny’s said the little boy, this year he received the most precious gift of his mother as a child played of LEGO PinCha toys and 50 DuoGe blue. Along with the increase of the family members, the home of the toys hidden will according to the changes of The Times keep adding new accessories.

The local people think, toys is not only to a person play, but to all of the play, it helps to education and family unity.

The most memorable of which is, in the “toys” road of a production, not guns, tanks and other “violent toys” manufacturers.

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