Spring not play

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Spring is dry, has a tendency to air many invisible to the naked eye dust, if inhaled body, it will let people with various diseases. Dermatologist experts remind people: in spring, had better put the nap of love toys in the cupboard, usually in the home also want to pay attention to dust. Do the following can let you stay away from dust damage.

Winds day to doors and Windows closed.

The spring wind, the wind carries more than not only, still have a lot of dust in the pollen allergy. People in the open window had better listen to the weather forecast, windy days or less open the window for good.

PLUSH Toy can not place will not put. Sitting room, children room carpet less as far as possible, put down less toys. These adornment is very easy to shelter evil people and practices, and not easy to clean.

When use cleaner to open the window. A vacuum cleaner is use of turbine, high speed rotating machine is formed in vacuum environment, and then will filtration of indoor air row back to dust. One thousand dust filter does not net out of the air, and row will form the dust. Therefore, in the use of a vacuum cleaner to open the window, and the child to not affected area.

Commonly used wet dishcloth furniture. Often use dishcloth furniture, especially computer, TV these easy “aspiration” household electric appliances, so the effect is very good. But cloth to clean frequently.

More than at home raising some flowers and plants. Can grow some like YeRong down at home, rubber trees, lucky has to poison grass dust the ability of plants. In the dust at the same time, still can maintain indoor appropriate air humidity.

PLUSH TOY in spring Spring not play

Plush Toy in spring

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