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How to with the news media to advertise our corporate image and brand influence? Children’s educational toy is the people must taste, to how to make more people know your company’s products.

Network news marketing, and that the network marketing, using the Internet, soft technology, the integration of domestic numerous websites advantage resources, the enterprise and brand, characters, products, activities related to the project information to news reports way, time, fully, effective, economical social public to spread of new marketing methods.

When many foreign enterprise with its own strong financial strength and high brand awareness, seizes the fancy Toy market, although our enterprise have also take measures to increase the promotion and marketing efforts, but in actual work, often in an awkward. So, children’s educational toys this to break through the existing bottlenecks, to capture highland?

Network news marketing as a kind of effective method to promote, gradually from shrines to civilians, is not that high above, and shall not and far. At the same time abuses also arises at the historic moment: the market chaos, good and evil people mixed up. The 8 words enough to represent the current network news marketing market. Price, and even appeared intermingled malicious competition; Malicious competition leads to the speeding ratio fell, the enterprise lose their confidence; The operator and enterprise subjective widely believe that network news marketing just simple press releases, the operator put oneself only is positioning drawn level, the children’s educational toys enterprise also just in time machine operator. This enterprise and the operator at the same time in error, walk into a kind of extreme.

“Marketing is not smart way to sell their products and services, but a really create the value of the clients art.” Because, marketing mode is a kind of system, not a means, the system of comprehensive strength, decided to the brand sales performance of high and low. For now in “intervened” of the fancy toy for enterprise, it is urgent that is needed to such a set of effective marketing model.

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