The Toy Story

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Toy story basically tells a group of was given the life story of the toys. The first film in June 18, 1995 release by Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks () and Tim-Alan (Tim Allen’s sport in) respectively for cowboy Woody (Woody) and Buzz Lightyear (Lightyear) voice acting. disney then plan out as in after a series.

Use the Cars > (Cars) promotion experience, Disney competent say they plan to every year the toy story making about 4 department animation on TV and broadcast on network, to keep the brand vitality. “Cars,” movie since the 2006 film, its related products each year worldwide sales of more than 2 billion dollars.

Many analysts think the conjecture maybe some too optimistic. In the forecast of 2.4 billion dollars, Disney will receive in part of that. It also means that the next few months until the end of the fiscal year Disney at the end of September, the company income will increase greatly. The Numbers roughly equivalent to Disney consumer goods produced each year the turnover of the department.

“We this fiscal year sales income has completed the most, so we think about this target are fairly confident,” Disney company consumer goods department supervisor, Andy Mooney (Andy Mooney) said, “this year is likely to be the Disney company the merchandise of the highest sales.” Disney did not reveal its from authorized in revenues from what is specific. But based on the company’s forecast, and analysts say it from the toy story products online revenues from might exceed $200 million. “People with this piece looking forward to already for a long time, so there will be expected to related products a lot of sales.” Focus on the toy industry To vinyl magazine Jim belly is full of seals eph (Jim Silver) said.

Disney for the toy story 3, “the related products according to the prediction is authorized partners and other work history a performance. As Disney’s partner, one of the Toys R Us company (Toys “R” Us) in its over 1300 retailers store, specially for the movie opened up a special superfines products.

The first “toy story films in 1995 for the first time, a sequel to” toy story 2 “in 1999 film. Both films and the upcoming third department are made by’s Pixar Animation studio Pixar Animation Studios) (making, this studio in 2006 by Disney takeover.

Disney says, including toys, stationery, clothing and books, all goods so far has set up a file in the global received more than $9 billion in revenues. Famous investment bank-Cowen analyst Doug-specific cruz (Doug Creutz) don’t think “toy story series commodities can have achieved so bright eye grades. But at the same time, he also thought that their performance should be very strong. “The sales of goods may depend on a blockbuster movie or not. If the movie can obtain the expected response, then achieve this goal should not have much problem.” Doug said.

Disney consumer products department for the last fiscal year sales income is $2.4 billion, $36.1 billion, roughly of the whole company 6.7% of total revenue. Movie with a toy story called “derivatives Lightyear interstellar mission” Buzz Lightyear (Star Command) animation in recent years have been on television. But it only concentrate on the buss light years this a characters, and Mooney said this animation to the commodity sale contribution is not much. “We’ve learned is that this series of core strength is in the relationship between the characters, which is the lack of lightyear series.” At the same time, Mooney said plan with seven minutes long nearly the toy story animation display that theme will be closer to a movie.

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