The U.S. toy requirements

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The U.S. Toy has since February 2009 was forced to comply with the requirements on third party testing, but the committee to reserve time for manufacturers, importers and their own brands implement toy third party testing and certification, so will be forced to third party testing and certification requirements put back to December 31, 2011 started.

The latest ASTM F963-08 version proposed revision contents brief summary is as follows:

At the end of a spherical poke injury risk: no significant change; Just increase by illustrations show and will be heading to “at the end of a spherical related toy”. Toy seat definition: a play value, not only is the seat of the chair. Ride a toy and the stability of the seat: to expound seat design and test methods, including changes forward, backward and lateral direction, toy seat also need stability testing.

Riding toys and seat overload requirements: clarify “toy seat” included in the standard, although furniture exemption this standard; Increase the specific test method and showed that and overloading of laboratory test method in the past to remain consistent.

plastic film: the title change, for all the plastic film have requirements, not just for packaging. Test method to eliminate repetitive content changes

Soft stuffed exemptions: will shake the bell, the toy, the tooth is revised and federal terms rattles regulations and EN71 specific shapes and sizes of toys to keep consistent, for soft stuffed in hard parts must be in accordance with the requirements. Also

The chin into: will test the template of the third dimension size to standard size, the template through the open mouth to completely. The rope and flight device: the resistance coefficient to resistance, and maintain consistent and accurate EN71 the statement of only term, change.

Combustibility: for in terms A4.6.3.6 test results of the test sample judge by “should be” to “must”, will the regulation from “advice” to “instructions”.

Take the extrusion toys: only rings with extrusion part of the function must be in accordance with the requirements of the template before, the extrusion parts does not need to meet the requirements, such as extrusion toys rings do not have to take the test.

The U.S. toy requirements requirements The U.S. toy requirements

The U.S. toy requirements requirements

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