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Health Canada and CTG Brands companies announced in Chinese “Expressions of costomers music doll” voluntary recall the implementation.

The recalled “Expressions” music by another baby hard plastic body, filling his arms and legs, hard plastic eye composition, curly hair, gauze skirt. Press the back button to start “sunshine” music are You wish. Product batch number 06048 and UPC codes 062823060487 marked on the label. This music doll since April 2004 to June 2010 in Canada sales.

The recalled the quantity of a commodity is about 5030. The reasons for the recall, health Canada sampling testing results show that the music of plastic dolls eyes easy to fall off, if be children in their mouths, have the risk of suffocation. Up to now, health Canada and CTG Brands are not received any company accident report.

For this, health Canada suggest that consumers will immediately be recalled music doll far away from children, and contact with retail stores return and get coupons.

recall toys Recall toy canada

recall toys

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