Children need what

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Children need to learn in the game, learning what?

A large number of social experiment proved that if the child in childhood stage to meet the needs of the game did not get, can form incomplete psychological and character. The future of society is a competitive society, is the need to each member can learn and play by the rules of the society, the rules of childhood consciousness is adult law awareness, the contract after the foundation of consciousness. The training of consciousness, is difficult to pass the reach of the sermon. The children is social progress and development in the future of hope. Therefore, the children were taught should develop oneself to have the good thought consciousness.

Now, there are a lot of only children participating in all kinds of games, because they can’t afford to lose the game, the lack of the game without psychological adaptability. Parents of children had great expectations of common, the child for parents to live, to win or lose and the achievements of the care too much the children’s mental state, under great pressure. This pressure not effectively extends the solution, probably in the future will lead to crime and suicide.

Children’s education experts think: the children through the game can pay close attention to individual and others existence value, and gradually establish a through the communication and exchange get the consciousness. Let the children in the game release their feelings and personality, to truly experience the game of feelings and fun, is to develop their quality and ability of the effective way.

The spirit of the game, the Toy is in serious again not earnest environment to learn the life skills and training of basic human consciousness.

Don’t think children put the sky painted red is a kind of graffiti, actually, they’re creating ideal the sky; Don’t think children put the car and pieces is a malicious destruction, in fact, they are in the world; to explore the unknown Don’t believe that children get themselves were a bad behavior is dirt, actually, they are using their own body experience life real existence. Give children more flying heart free space, the less the concept of right and wrong; Give children more game time, less the adults arrangement; So, today’s children will become a real future beams of social needed!!!!!

With educational education as the theme of the many toys factory. Here to the company as an example. Askwear game series of the world’s toys game content of the most series. This series of each product has very rich game content, for this series of manufacturer for trademark is “a music”, which means: buy our game series products, home to the family can use this toy to make games, in this game process, every member of the family can feel the warm affection, and at the same time, children in this game, the game needs to be able to clear the rules, the game needs to be cooperation, the game needs to be competitive, this is toy cultural connotation.

To let the children learn from the game, in the happiness grow! Are we toy culture essence. Let China’s every child can feel the toys to their benefits. Culture

Askwear toy Children need what

Askwear toy

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