Suitable for 3-6 months baby toys

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In this stage, no longer is the baby is always the fist, he found his hands how much fun it is!!!!! The baby can poisoning their fingers, also can use finger caught in his hand of toys. Little guys start to reach a thing. He’ll learn fast enough to put the toys in two hands from between the. The baby often turn to the wrist, hand over and see a Toy again. And then to your mouth to “identify a”.

To check the label toys that let the baby toys, ensure that all bite are safe! Don’t use rubber bands of the toys in the baby’s little bed or fence, because elastic is easy to bridle or bound to your baby. At about 6 months old, your baby may sit up, this gave him life of a brand-new perspective, making him the tinkling of their own, colorful and changing small the center of the world.

Activities frame: in fact is a suspension of the toy shelf with various, it can hang you choose to baby toys. It is specially designed for those who can only lay baby preparation of, this can let the baby lay more interesting. Your baby may will pat, drag, rotating the toys, or make any noise. To 5 months or so, the baby may begin to lose interest on activities, because this time frame he can by hand and knee hold up.

Light and rattles: babies like manufacturing of noise. Give him a rattles, see he shakes make a sound. Put some fast-tempoed music to make him could keep up with the beat. So, the babies are usually like music, and just started to learn how to appreciate the rhythm. Some wave the bell is transparent, can let the baby to see what’s in it is a cool this voice.

A: this is the fitness activities can be hung all kinds of rickety, will make noise, can be pulling the plastic toys the lever. Can be installed in the baby seat, car seat or cart. This can be in the long distance to travel by car or pushing a pram go out for a walk, let the baby “research” a voice, before these interesting things to catch enjoyment.

Fluffy toys: many of the months baby will start and a plush toys become intimate partner. This kind of toy choice standard is soft and let people have wanted to embrace an armful of impulse. Don’t choose those ears and tail there are metal wire of plush toys, because the metal wire may be punctured bag cloth hurt the baby. You should choose body parts suture strong dolls or animal toys. Soft toys plastic eyes and mouth will become make baby suffocation potential threats. In addition, easy to be torn down and baby tucked into his mouth bell, buttons, ribbons, yarn and so on also should avoid.

Can the sound rubber toy: as long as is the baby can be holding and can send a shrill toys, usually are all very popular this months baby’s welcome. This toy is very suitable for play in the tub. Prepare often hear such voice and baby cries of happy now.

Cardboard book: the baby of any age read is always worth it. Cardboard book can withstand the biting and saliva and baby other expression “affection” way. Listen to your voice contribute to baby’s development to distinguish between the rise and fall of the ear tone ability. As you read, through the intonation, singing and voice to get your voice produce distinct change, will let you feel the baby with you more interesting reading.

Colourful molar ring: when you gum pain, there is nothing better than bite a a soft rubber ring the more useful. Cool feeling also help to relieve pain, the molar ring is stored in a refrigerator for baby need use. Do not put in the freezer. Whether molar or the baby’s mouth, ring will inherit the freezing temperature.

Activities blanket and game pad: whether you just go to street, or to travel, these septa can make you with travel more convenient. Baby No matter you are, as long as the blankets to spread on the ground, the baby had a clean, the familiar environment can play. In the blanket around the seam hook can put the children of favorite toys with together.

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