2011 years Europe toy market trends

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In childhood,Toy occupies an important position, it not only takes on the role of a playmate, at the same time also bear the burden of the child/has the toy, are these reasons, makes the international toys market developed rapidly. And in great toy market, toys with 20% decided to popular consumer groups of guided groups consumption wind; And in the group of xing toy popular trend, is I have no one, I have the difference of the core competitive ability; fine Of course, it is undeniable that the popular, but also from mouth and the formation of public praise…… In more and more intense market competition in the market, the consumption of popular trend has gradually become the manufacturer production vane.

As a child the best partner of childhood toy, also has his own popular trend. Then 2011 group of xing toy popular trend exactly have what different? What is the real big toys?

1, toys to network direction “immigrants”

For growth in the age of the Internet for children, their demand for group of xing toys from the physical level should not only get satisfaction, and shall be in based on the Internet all kinds of media to mapping. Now the children not only hope video game in various characters and scenes in the real world, and hope they get restored the dolls or robot can through the Internet in the virtual world and other group of xing toy form interaction.

And now will movie characters prototype used to this kind of simple doll across media compared, the future of the way across the media certainly will emphasize its interactive function, like this can firmly chains player, or even from the old, let him or her whole life when your loyal customers. The future will be a real and virtual world of social integration, group of xing toy manufacturers must respect in the trend of children’s games way and preferences, and manufacture of group of xing toys to match, “in short, the future of the group of xing toys to network ‘immigration must be”.

Along with the group of xing toys this trend of development, barbie dolls, LEGO all kinds of subjects such as the building blocks of the toys, has begun to show the powerful online marketing model. And some of the game is rooted in the network, also be transplanted into the real life, such as one of the most popular game “angry birds”. Will the game in various cartoon animals into plush toys, already cannot satisfy the needs of the young generation players. Reports say, mattel will this game moved to the real world, players can build some scenes, independent video game device simulation catapulted other birds sling dolls, combat the thief steal eggs pigs.

At the same time, traditional puzzle games also not kneel a lot of manufacturers, deliberately and the Internet, through distance build family who are game atmosphere, to promote their products, such as improved version of the game “monopoly” desktop games, etc. A exhibitors said, the Wii has put all nintendo family members from their respective room please go back to the living room, but this is far from enough, many children need to be in the family atmosphere in the game, under the guidance of our fathers study skills and cognitive society, traditional game in this respect will play out their own advantages.

Cultural and creative industries is considered to be the 21 st century the most potential new industry, in one of the cultural and creative industries in animation occupies an important position, each child’s childhood will have their favorite cartoon image. With the cartoon thorough popular feeling, the market share of the cartoon toys with expanding. The personage inside course of study says cartoon industry create every dollar wealth, will be behind thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars of wealth extensions. Extensions process, and the combination of the toy product is cartoon forming brand effect most important step. Now the years of yo-yo sells is the best example. Good animation products have been produced, the animation groups and toy continue selling also become inevitable.

In addition, the network games and toys, also make closely with the group of the toy industry has developed rapidly, and gradually going to diversification. In many toys enterprise is still under consideration of the animation and the feasibility of the combination of the toys, online elements and make enterprise to have more choices space and cooperation opportunity, more and more of the network game role players play the hand of a group of xing toys. Network game as the high-speed development of the cultural and creative industries, derive a peripheral group of toys and the secondary market chain, is very worth recommending, also will prosperity future toy market.

At the same time, the theme of the movie and TV drama for a large number of toys is “you party and sing the stage”, “the movie, TV theme of the market is still popular toy for domestic toy market bring vigor and popularity. We predict that 2011 film “transformers 3″ release will still will drive the theme of the toy sales climax.

2, the theme of the film is strong momentum of toys

Movies and group of xing toys have been a pile of twins, both group of xing toys movies or film group of xing toy in the film and the more and more developed today the toy market occupies one of the main parts. Is this year’s theme of the film, for toys “transformers 3: month when the black” will undoubtedly become the biggest winners. Hasbro last year last quarter net income fell 16%, natural to borrow car and decepticons salted fish over the first two films, continue film push related toys or great momentum. Global

Many of the toy manufacturers have begun to group in the early years of the theme of the film layout and toy market, hasbro launched to transformers as the theme of the blocks group Kre-Os “and” lego create Johnny? Depp led the pirates of the Caribbean various display of skill game scene, mattel to appear as a barbie doll boyfriend of Ken toys, the movie theme toys in this year will sparkles. And analysis, in Europe and the United States economy improved and new products continuously promote double stimulating, Europe and America in 2011 will develop steadily toy market.

3 “apple” become famous speed lane toys

At the moment, the “apple” is undoubtedly the most powerful global consumer electronics, toys and one of the manufacturers to catch a ride into apple has not surprising. “Apple” and the group of the combination of the toy is can realize double wins. Group of xing toy manufacturers found a wide variety of channel, will apple’s mobile devices embedded into their own games or toys; Or to the role of the game for apple shape can achieve toy role of unexpected results.

4, animal of the year a shopping boom traditional toys toys

New Year group of toy market is 2011 toys market sales, according to the grand opera, experts predict things series product will account for 2011 years toy sales of about 30%, and in 2010, the tiger toys products sell like hot cakes also exacerbate the 2011 years for rabbit rabbit series product market competition situation of toys, so, the rabbit toys series in the whole series of things the status will be self-evident.

And the whole of the rabbit from the toy market perspective, the following categories are the rabbit group of xing toy market basic categories: from the product category segment, can be divided into: simulation type, type and functional optimizing three categories; From the material category segment, can be divided into: plush kind, plastic kind, ceramic, etc.; From product market positioning, can be divided into: LiPinXing high-grade class and the low and middle class DaZhongXing. Because of the toy rabbit is cute and in prototype of Chinese people’s mind is the symbol of the rabbit, the gentle in a certain extent has narrowed the gap and consumers, so the mental distance, the appearances of the toy rabbit if can on the basis of the traditional culture of human nature, are more give more has a way of consumers have attained renown.

5, low carbon in the toy field becoming popular

Along with the Copenhagen conference on climate change and the various proposals at the hot conference final, pay attention to the global environment, pay attention to environmental protection as the world people’s consensus. The atmosphere to the group of wind and the toy industry in the toy, the design and production, environmental protection becomes whether an important factor.

As the pioneer of the low carbon, wooden toys for the group of natural environmental protection, with the sustainable development of forest forest manufacturing, because the more can develop the concept of low carbon toys. Paper toys, wooden toys style of the design and unique materials, not only give children very different fresh feeling, can also develop the child’s environmental protection consciousness, will more and more become toy manufacturer and consumer focus.

6, adult toys gradually into the mainstream

In recent years, a group of toys in the popularity of accelerated the toy market and the diversity of professional development, also let people know to, not just the children’s toys exclusive, the adults also have a “play heart”. In adult players communities, a keen simulation models of the “hidden car collection”; Have like collecting, making weapons, chariots, large war scenes of “die”; army enthusiasts A model aircraft, such as obsessed with models of sports “play mode gens”; Specialize in the production of toys and DIY “players”; And by “adoption” SD doll for fun “raise” the doll ‘race “these are relatively narrow the consumption group, supporting the domestic high-end toy market share of more than eighty percent of consumption.

And in the group of xing toys is worth mentioning, especially with the reduced pressure for the purpose of xing toys, we cheat out of xing toys, funny group of xing toys into the crowd and consumption is the main product category toys. From the nod to vent their eggs, bellow baby chicken, knead bubble machine, crowded edamame, screaming out pot, reduced pressure toys available received a frenzy of popular. On one hand, on the market all kinds of toys decompression; On the one hand toy development design personnel is the creative play extremely to, the reduced pressure has introduced a new toy.

7, the high-tech content and toy best-known toys, intelligent trend is obvious

Children’s group of xing toy market is always more colorful, especially in the rapid development of science and technology today, all kinds of hi-tech means were applied to toy design, making group of xing more attractive toys. In the toy market in remote control of toys, dolls and intelligent robot, electronic pets, all kinds of small and medium-sized game in domestic market popular than some static group, the toy, with the ShengGuangDian function in the toy market dynamic toys has obvious advantages of consumption, especially some installed the IC component “clever” toys, not only can chat with players, and listen to the instructions of the players, some still can respond to the player’s embrace, touch, touch and action such as 7, let consumers feel very interesting.

The influence of electronic technology has been involved in the group of xing toys, electronic chip in the field of science and technology with toys has become the market to be bestowed favor on newly. In view of the children had been contact with computer, in order to be able to cater to their psychological needs, toy must also be challenging and creative, traditional toys and electronic technology is the combination of the toy industry, also is the inevitable trend of the development of the product of the inevitable trend of popular toy.

8, educational toys still concern

Our parents known as the complex of the ambitious, and children’s education is a lot of parents enlightenment as a big task to inspire children, and bear the practice ability of all kinds of toys, especially the intellectual variety group of xing toys, became many parents have gained a goal. All kinds of building, puzzles of toys are by parents and children’s preferences.

about toy image 2011 years Europe toy market trends

about toy image

Therefore, parents to choose toys in children, general willing to choose those who can inspire children imagination and observation of toys. In addition to building blocks and puzzles of traditional puzzle with toys, gifts at the can tear open outfit multifunctional car, house of children with a complete set of furniture, kitchen utensils, even including housing, people and all kinds of tools and animal PinCha group of xing toys and so on have also been parents and children’s welcome.

As our country the toy market of the main exports, European and American toy market trend will affect China’s toy exports, and with the popularity of high-tech group of toys to our country enterprise that toy exports also represent a more and more high challenge, toy industry competition also has reached the point where almost white-hot, a lot of brands are looking for the diversity of the competition, some aimed at high-end market route, some insist on the traditional line… But no matter the popular trend of Europe and America toy market how to change, innovation and the application of new technology is throughout Europe and America will be in 2011 of the focal place of the toy market.

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