Children and toys

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If discover the child often to small toy, small animals said private, parents should pay attention. Then should as far as possible to create “children” environment and not take them out to have more activities, other children of the relatives friend’s house to house, let the child to communicate. Parents and children learn to make friends, if can learn to use the child’s thinking to think about the problem, and they became close friends “, “children have the truth, nature will find parents speak.

Children like Toy is nature, can have of mom and dad found child with toys, but do not talk to their whispering said. The expert reminds: this phenomenon will cause parents, and toy speaking attention to children communication.

Now most of the kids is only children, parents love have to add, causing them to form the parents of excessive dependence on can’t remove the natural insecurity, and gradually formed a communication fear.

In addition, as children growing up slowly, and the parents have less common language, they had to break through to himself to boredom. Speak to the children, often toy development into unwilling or not and other communication. Although after puberty, the situation would be improved, but still easy to form self-centered character.

Children and toys, suggesting they whispering with exchange demand. But real life to meet this demand, toys, and they became the first choice of the exchange. In addition, they will choose and small ants, does not have the little animal of aggressive talk, or simply to himself.

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