Pay attention to the safety of toys

Author: kikils, September 11, 2011, Leave a comment

Pay attention to the safety of toys. In the Toy safety attention has five aspects to pay attention.

1, toy materials should be is avirulent and harmless. Special attention should be paid to buy toys in when not to buy the paint especially easy to take off or by using lead fuel smells a peculiar smell of toys, should buy some can bite of plastic toys in a relatively safe.

2, don’t give the baby buy some sharp sharp rotating speed quickly or run forward when the speed of the special fast and can the child’s mouth and covered her nose around the neck or the toys.

3, children special small of the time have a habit, the small items to jam nose or ears do such games, inside for a small baby will be don’t buy him less than three centimeters small beads or little buttons or small glass ball, must be in the adult care to play, it’s too easy to plug into nostril or ear inside.

4, some boys like simulation of toys, and sling shot gun such toys has certain harm force, so these toys in children play alone must be careful not to harm the children.

5, our baby muscles and ligaments development was not completely, the rally is very weak, don’t give children buy need special big energy to play with toys, a damage baby’s muscles and ligaments.

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