Children like green toy

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As Europe’s parents pay more and more attention to children’s health and safety, “green toys” are popular. In Europe, production and marketing environmental protection toys, countries are releasing related regulations or guidance.

Statistics show that in 1996 13% of the toys users in under two years old age, therefore manufacturers can’t ignore the children to the composition of the Toy parents prudent approach. On the other hand, is regarded as “protect the ecological” wooden toys is being slightly older children’s welcome, also shows that the European toy market to environmental protection general rising.

According to the forecast, wooden toys in the entire toy market share of 7 to 10%. Market analysts point out, the price is cheap plastic toy sales are slowly slide, and the sale of high quality wooden toys is rising, consumers would not buy contains harm children health components of toys.

According to Germany’s laws and regulations, the market sell toys must be accompanied with CE safety signs. This flag is displayed vendor products comply with European toy guidance or European EN71 standard guarantee. However, CE mark only covers “security” or “safety and health” and so on the general requirements, no guarantee products do not contain harmful substances.

In the CE and EN71 under the provisions of the heavy metal content, the product’s upper limit for other high, and chemicals, such as formaldehyde, the more no content cap or banned regulations. However, this is the case in the near future will change. The European commission has ordered the affiliate standards committee, drafting legislation control of the cap on the chemicals toys.

In Europe a toy whether accord with environmental protection requirement, mostly depends on the following factors: materials, production and how much energy of environmental pollution, the use of processing toys and waste treatment, after the durability, can repair sex and whether to use, and the potential threat to children’s health.

A recent European 6 to 17 years old children buying habits of the survey report shows that the product brand is these consumers shopping of important factors, and different age group also has a preferred different brands.

Environmental protection of the future market development and the toy is closely related with the social atmosphere, to protect the natural adults pay more and more attention to children’s play, the world also produced a subtle influence and the role of environmental protection, is expected to have the market will toys.

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