The baby gift

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The baby gift, the right belong to toys. But the beauty of the Toy but is likely to baby had the potential dangers, and review the mind of the report-or is a toy coating too high, or contain the horn side have pointed to the baby were injured. This reminds parents a disturbing fact: interesting and novel toys on display in the store shelves, mothers generally will spontaneously think they have qualified to through the strict standard inspection, won’t hurt the baby, but that’s not the case.

Parents should do to protect your child is the work. Each year about more than 100000 toys and baby because accident, needed to go to the hospital for treatment. How to protect the treasure house of, that he should not be the number one? Don’t be nervous, have very DuoZhong methods can guarantee the safety of children. Buy toys, to take the following steps it.

Parents are too heavily on national toy safety production standard, and forget to keep their vigilance heart. See only the brand name or price tag and can never understand a toy true shape, you need to evaluate the degree of safety evaluation, whether it can buy. Expert proposal, the first step is to pay attention to small parts, such as easy to baby of swallowing plastic rings or small plastic bead, or is furry made crystal teddy bears plastic eye. Please remember, a longer than 25 centimeters of tensile type toys, may bridle child; And a kite and other flying toy cords, length is more than 3 m using non-metallic materials should be made.

Our children’s toys safety standards, drag of toys that make the leash, length is more than 30 centimeters, can’t have slipknot or easy to form of the fastener slipknot. For children under the age of 3 and the use of this kind of toys, cannot use fine in 1.5 mm ropes. Remind you when the choice, if think the toy is dangerous, must trust your instincts.

The baby gift The baby gift

The baby gift

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