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Inflatable toys now many adult all like to buy children, not sex cast fear bad, as long as a blow to play, but this will be in use inflatable toys to pay attention to what?

Frist, function is introduced,
1, safety: the equipment in the design has the material usage than other types products more security.
2, play: the product changed other products sit, slippery, around the passive play, such as children can play to your imagination, creatively play 3, durable: this product can generally use three to five years, to 100000 people play.
4, convenient: equipment is big is small, can according to the arbitrary combination and put breath after folding, small size, convenient transportation.

Second, the using conditions

1, weather conditions: outdoor wind above level 3 banned the Toy business; Lightning rain and snow, banned outdoor business this toy; A faint light at night when the toy business prohibited.
2, the ground condition: the ground level off, without sharp objects and other sundry. The ground USES textile cloth matting.
3, fan protection: fan external use shields cover up, children from touch.
4, power supply condition: power outlet in children can’t touch place; The power cord should be safe, no damage leakage.
5, took the toy around nasal firmly fixed to the surface wind.

Three, business management:

1, toys inflatable: toys connected to the power source in eight minutes of the operation conditions can achieve quickly, if long time no summon up, or summon up bad time, should make the following check: 1, stop check whether the power supply fan reversal; 2, check whether vent seal.

2, operation guidelines: this product for 3-16 children play. The product is only for 60 KG weight children under the play. Researchers are too much, declined to children under the age of 3 play, frail children play declined. Toy staff more than 0.6 people/m2 density, stop the ticket; Each device application guarantee 2-3 name management personnel of children and dredge management.

3, safety warning and note:
Safety warning: refers to in the business process, may cause damage to children.
Note: it is strictly prohibited to help parents sit, on the children, to lie prone, against the fence; Visitors are too should send a management counseling; It is strictly prohibited to eat all kinds of food in toys; It is strictly prohibited to in toys after hitting each other, even the fight; In case of suddenly have a power fail, parents should assist management personnel children leave quickly, dredge and see whether there is children’s toys stranded; It is strictly prohibited to children with physical impact barrier; It is strictly prohibited to children from high jump or from toys to the ground jump.

4, management requirement: in operation of toys, must be found abnormal check and remove the faults. Business is to keep the toy clean, give children to create a health environment. Business is check the fan operation temperature and sound. Guide children play in the correct method, so as to avoid the damage. Visit
Four, common fault and eliminate:

1 and paste requirements: first in the toy to paste place and cloth glue, then daub all air to a half minutes, the cloth stick to paste place, press flat after become warped edge, the paste.

2, toys cut: row mouth longer than 5 CM, then pick up application stitching on with a cloth or cloth kind paste. Break less than 5 CM direct paste can.

3, vertical joints: first use needle sewing level off, the openings (or from the bottom mattress apart and pick up) can be used to sew paste the way through the opening processing firm, considering the beautiful.

4, and beautify the place become warped edge: with little brush in become warped edge place daub after a pause right amount glue, pressed tightly paste firm can.

5, come unglued: some easy worn parts after a long time to come unglued, cut into different available fabric the modelling of come unglued in place can paste.

6, air leakage: toys after a long time, by some parts pinhole seam LouQiLiang soars, however, can consider to use cloth paste in juncture, reduce air leakage, such as toys too old, should consider the scrap, in case problems in operation.

7, air cushion local anomalies are raised: generally refers to pull muscle tear open from a cushion, along the mattress seam the bottom with the pull needle dismantled, ribs and connection, and then air cushion with a cloth paste, protect suture can.

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Inflatable toys

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