toy safety instructions

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The European Union July 20 implementing new Toy safety instructions “, the purpose is to let in the territory of the toy sales with “global top safety requirements”. In 1988 through the old instructions shall be repealed simultaneously. Then most content

Why new for old

The European Union said, toy market technology progress of the cause of the problem, new toy safety increasingly influenced by consumer attention, it is necessary to revise and strengthen the old instructions.

The European Union list the most likely cause of children’s toys damage, including food and mixed with the doll or CARDS, small toys swallowed by children, cause choking; Give the baby’s diaper table or booster chair instability; Inferior doll and dolls combustible strong and so on.

New instruction in almost all aspects of the toy safety improvements made toys meet current demand, health and safety standards of the highest level to the toy manufacture, import and sales link clear in more detailed and more wide range of responsibilities, and require the 27 eu members from the source, the government common from the border close supervision and control of the customs toy safety.

The eu commission shall be responsible for the industry and enterprise’s vice President, Antonio tower, said ali larijani new directive aimed at mobilizing all social forces to protect children. He said: “in the toy safety, the European Union have the world’s best legislation and the most strict regulation, this is not enough, the eu member states should be more strictly market monitoring, deterrence toy market participants do not break the law and regulations.”

Toy market developed

The European Union is second only to the United States the world’s second largest toy market. According to the latest figures released by the European Union countries, now 8000, WanNianLing children under the age of 14, 2010 a total of 15.5 billion euros to buy toys, a quarter of the global total sales of toys.

Within the European Union toy enterprise amounted to 2000, 80% less than 50 people more employees belong to the small and medium enterprise, create direct jobs in 2009 total output value 100000, 5 billion euros, 80% concentrated in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Britain, the Czech republic and Poland.

Toy industry is the eu’s most globalization, the most dynamic one of the industries. In 2010, the toy exports 1 billion euros, a 10.2% increase over 2009, while imports 7 billion euros, a 20.3% growth. The European Union and big toy market respectively are France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain, were occupied 73% of the toy market share the European Union.

The European Union toy market best-selling product in order as young children’s toys, market share of 19.4%, puzzles educational toys, dolls, 11.9% 11.1% 10.9% 9.7%, stroller outdoor toys, blocks toys 8.4%.


“Salmon,” Neil Brussels in Belgium toy store the famous “Louis” commercial, 50 DuoNian opening.

One of the customers katrina van of le have two daughters, ages 2, and 5 years old. Fan of Michael although are not aware of what is the toy safety provisions, but her toy safety value, willing to to the brand shop to buy toys, believe that sales of the toy safety here.

Kindergarten teacher, Angela LaKeSi Fred, said the eu with toy safety more strict requirements are put forward a good deal. She took out some of the toys outside the kindergarten said, cheeper skin is very delicate, so children’s toys no matter use what material is made, all need to design, processing very smooth, have no sharp place, otherwise the children in play in easy to be injured.

toy safety toy safety instructions

toy safety

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