How to deal with the old toys

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I think the following conditions can be points to deal with: the first to see if you have anything to improve continue to give the baby to play after may, if any, is to stay; Need to get rid of toys, prior to tell the baby, so that he may not think after up and looking for; On the basis of child seeks advice, brought him a will send out, such as toys to relatives and friends of the children, or to the place like the welfare to learn to love others, raise children; If no connection to these places, and then consider low disposed, such as looking for some parent-child web site or a flea market and so on.

I didn’t think what toys to deal with off. Some old toys, if you play with your kids, can play out some new tricks to, as will like baby. Some old toys can also let children to play down, told him about the internal structure, encourage him to assembly, is also fun forever!

First pick a few more meaningful keep it down, when the baby grew up, and he can recall played as a child of the toys scene, the baby will be happy to help you in, this is also the feelings of the exchange. As for the other, I’m going to have a children’s park, please neighbor kid come to my house, and play with these toys baby.

old toy How to deal with the old toys

old Toy

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