Removable toys

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Talk about the child’s Toy, often have parents say: “my children bought a toy to play a few days after the toy apart, bought a lot of, let his arm and less lame”. I tell him: “don’t be interference, the children play, because it is the children playing, not you are playing with. The children will according to their interests, to guide him how to play.

Open the toy is a good thing, because do not have a few children get in his beloved toy immediately after removed, (of course and is in play) are generally after playing a few days later, toys and function has been appearance appearance meet his curiosity, curiosity slowly moved to toy internal: why it can move? He is how to move? Why is light? In the light of the hair there? Why a voice, the voice of what place? So I think the children remove toy is a good thing, and should not interfere.

The key is:
First, the economy and the waste issue. The children to play with toy curiosity is very big, for those who have not seen and have not played all think is good, want to get, get the, enough with, he scrapped. Now the toys and not cheap, for some families, this is a great burden, so appeared in department stores the child to the parents, parents send children to outside drag scene. The tug-of-war Toy tear down later can’t again use, this is also the waste.

Second, can meet the children of these curiosity, toys and they can understand after pull down how much, those who drives, how to move, the organization where light, where ring.
This is the request of the toy structure, should have representative, in can achieve the basic function of the toy basis, as far as possible concise, simple!!!!! Let the children can see some doorways and read.

Third, our children will know that removed, tear open up no matter “. This is for the children of misunderstanding, also greatly wrong for the children.

I dare say not a few children is to open up, and is to look at exactly what, (this was exactly what we wanted) apart, and read, most of the children, have been DuoCi attempt, he should be put toys back the same.
But that’s not the children work!!!!! Now the toys, can open it, has been a very hard for the children. In the factory is the assembly line, a worker in

a process a parts, to coat the toys, that’s assembly of engineers to live!
Originally the children also remove the toys should be more, because there are a lot of children is the finish rolling, don’t want to go to remove, as to put it together in more not to think. This is the light of parents see the cat put phenomenon. So from this Angle look, toys and erase the children curiosity, and part of the achievement!

So some research may let children can remove, and can put together toys is urgent!!!!! Some simple structure of toys, should the building blocks, some complex toy modular, a bit less gear, a bit less transmission, a bit less bolts, try to let children open and loaded with open up, meet their curiosity, achievement! For the children to play with toy quality, there will be a qualitative leap!!!!!

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