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The Internet industry development, the Internet has the virtue of the great business opportunity, let a large influx, along with all the toys, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and constantly achievements of the Internet a big MAC, of course, also appeared a large group of little shrimp, finally, they can only accept the fate of being swallowed. A: the survival of the fittest of nature and regulations on the Internet, there are also and the success or failure of lies in whether they have innovative consciousness of technical team, clear profit model and the abundant capital.

And when the Toy industry web site from the big in the process of the toy industry web site the stand or fall of network promotion is the key to the success of its.

First of all for the toy industry web site such a service platform speaking, the main objects of promotion is, of course, involves the toy industry of business people. With the method is the longest toys, marketing, and soft toys, marketing and divided into soft toys BBS marketing and toy blog, this is both marketing there is a big difference.

Toy BBS marketing: in fact is to each big BBS to post, reply. The weight is not good BBS now allow you to send poster, so is not only the crackling to hair. First find good some all kinds of toys, subject to the subject matter of the corresponding BBS each big edition piece, don’t go in car edition piece about the content of the hair, this woman even if your content again good also, will be deleted. Choose good article is in the article after insert draw text (draw text: refers to the words of the text with links, which is the key links page content words), and it is the toy enterprise websites. Again the text is usually added 3 to 5. Another note: 10 million to draw the font color text size and other text is the same, it is very easy to be BBS administrators found. In addition to the post, reply the theme of the others also is a kind of method, in character signature to your own web site in the introduction of the link, you can go to reply.

Toy blog marketing: just as its name implies is in the blog hair articles of the quality department to original will only with the content of the web site. Send an article about the toy industry, with enterprise net the draw in text is ok, or with a web site is a page content links. The blog itself can be through the link to your web site, several blogs, between the links to each other. But the link to each other to pay attention to some of the blog contents can’t exactly the same. The other is the cultivation of the blog, main is to increase the popularity, through to other people’s blog visit, leave a step, they will have the courtesy to return visits.

The above is the main site toy industry marketing methods, in addition and the like baidu know answer a question or ask ourselves from a, promotion, and pay. Methods are simple, mainly is diligent and attention to details (such as registered users of the web site called the domain name or key words, etc.).

In short, the toy industry within website marketing is different from other mass marketing, it needs to understand the toy industry is the customer site through what method to find my own, this is the change from the Pope. Only through the continuous exploration and practice, and finally become the most professional toy industry service platform.

Toy promotion Toy promotion

Toy promotion

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