please ask you before

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In for the baby gift or you going to put it in the gift to the baby, please ask you before–

Main ingredients and material:

1 stuffed toys products containing indicated on the main composition and material, it is to let consumers understand products used materials the truth, to protect children’s health. Like the characters show: all of the use of safety materials, all adopt the new materials, using 100% polyester fiber filling etc.

2 wooden toys should be no bug eat by moth, smooth surface, not damage children’s skin.

Age range, age range, type of guidance when consumer choose and buy is toys as reference, is also guarantee the safe use of children important content, should be in the packing of the products and the manual or label, such as suitable for 6 months above, suitable for 18 months above, age for 3 above, not suitable for 3 years old the following, etc.

Method of use due to the complicated degree rise, toys more complex toys and multi-function toys should indicate the operation procedures of specific toys, such as electronic toys, tear open outfit toys.

Preventive maintenance and producers should provide complex toys and durable Toy maintenance and maintenance methods (such as karts). For some can washing or disinfect toys like plush toys, cloth toy, plastic toys should indicate the washing or sanitizing method.

The expression of warning specifications

1 to 3 children under the age of dangerous toy, shall have security warning specifications, such as “not suitable for children under the age of 3.”

2 to have sharp points and the functional sex of the disc blade toys to remind attention to children and blade tip of the potential danger and that can only be used under adult supervision.

3 installed in the beam of toys, such as swing and similar toys to remind of main components check regularly and maintenance, and to point out that if not for maintenance, toys, and you might damage the fixed in toys that.

4 a projectile toys to remind use the danger of things, and fired at close range is dangerous. It launch

5 kite and other flying toys to explain “warning! Can’t overhead wires are the area near the use”.

6 as children’s toys sale roller skates and skateboard shall explain ‘warning! Should wear protective equipment. ‘in the instructions should also be marked on the use of the toy attention in the protective equipment to recommend, such as helmets, gloves, knee, elbow pads and so on also want to be given to users, lest bring hurt or collision.

7 water toy to explain “warning! Limited to shallow water, the height of children to adapt, need water depth and in adult guardianship use”. If similar to swimming auxiliary appliance toys or defibrillator is marked “the life-saving equipment.”

8 with strings tied to the cradle, such as tape child’s bed, children bicycles, woodden toys, it on with the following warning “note, in order to prevent a possible harm, in the baby can by hand caught, will take toys.”

9 children’s cart to the following warning specifications “warning, in order to your child’s safety, must fasten your seat belt, and adults don’t leave children. The stroller for XX kg weight bearing the biggest. Please follow the correct method of use use and avoid any stroller dangerous situation.”

10 toy plastic bags should have the following statement: “please timely will pack a bag, avoid to cause asphyxial infant play.

In addition, the paint, used toys varnish, lacquers, or similar materials of soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, mercury are not to exceed bid. Pencil, crayons, such as chalk to write, painting and do in mark can leave a mark on the articles in which the element content also can’t exceed bid.


Main ingredients or material

The use of materials and their clothing marked the percentage of content, such as cotton, polyester, what percentage of MAO.

Range in age should be indicated on the outer package clothes size suitable for months or age.

Preventive maintenance and children’s clothes when stored in camphor drive bug is unfavorable.

Related requirement

1 clothing material should prevent electrostatic.

2 clothing materials to use flame retardant materials production, avoid using see fire may melt and make the skin burns man-made fiber arnon.

3 padding to clean sanitation, do not contain any hard or sharp matter, such as metal deposits, nail, needles and broken plastic etc, and shall not contain any from insects, birds, animals not health material.

4 the buttons and ornamental clothing wants firm, from children in danger.

5 is unfavorable make in the neck is the children’s apparel with.


Age range in some work only for the food indicated the children for age. Other food not identified.

In some way to eat not to serve food packaging should be shown on the way to eat or manufacturing methods.

Tip 1 packing food labels to indicate the name of the commodity, composition, manufacturers, storage, the production date, shelf-life and have “in XX before the date of the words” edible.

baby gift please ask you before

baby gift

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