Buying toys safety first

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Buying toys first have to adhere to the “safety first” the principle, avoid being toys all kinds of design and color confuse rather mistakenly purchase function “killer” toys. All countries in the world attaches great importance to the Toy safety and health, corresponding make strict safety and health standards. China also has issued a series of children’s toys safety standards to determine whether the toy safety. Because of the unpredictable nature of the children’s behavior, we should DuoZhong channels through understanding the basic content of toy safety, so as not to entertain and miss purchase toys.

National mandatory standards, children’s toys must have detailed instructions, in order to guide consumers buy and use. Instructions for consumers is manufacturer responsible for a show is manufacturer, the epitome of image. Generally speaking, the toy instructions include the following several contents: product name, suitable age, name the site of factory, the necessary safety warning, implementation of product standards. In addition, more complex toy must have to use a method, the soft cloth toy must indicate the filling material, and must be Chinese annotation.

Consumer is buying toys, the first see use statement, if no Chinese use specification, the product is “3 without” products, very possible safety quality problems. Then, see age project marked age are applicable, especially for children under the age of 3 buy toys, must buy the marked suitable for children under the age of 3 the use of toys. This phase of the children, should avoid to use a small parts of toys, avoid to use is small toys, lest be swallowed stopped after the throat of the baby. The specifications of the toys should be 6 cm long, wide 3 centimeters of above. At the same time, should be to check other projects, toys that the complete use standard, show that the manufacturers more emphasis on product quality control, product safety coefficient of the relatively high. In addition, before the use must be reading the instructions of a security warning, avoid the damage may be.
Want to know what toys made of: material should be relatively strong, durable, not afraid, and easy to fall disinfection and cleaning.

Carefully check the structure of the toys. Toy surface should be smooth and bright and clean, outlet should not have obvious aperture, toy modelling cannot too sharp. Toys to small parts, should not be easy to pull off. With a cord of small toys, the length of rope in 30 cm in diameter, and the rope in 1.5 millimeter above, so as not to bridle the children. Reservation in cradle, small bed or toys in the stroller, the rope free length must not be more than 30 cm. If a rope connection, the ring ring the perimeter of 35 cm, must not be more than freedom in 25 N if elastic tensile force, must not be more than 30 cm in length. The above requirements are not suitable for both ends in the cradle, small fixed bed and stroller on both sides of the elastic toys. This kind of elastic in 25 N pulling force, its length should be less than 75 cm, and may not exceed 40% of the relaxation length. Drag the cords, the toy length is more than 30 centimeters when, can not have slipknot or easy to form of the fastener slipknot. In addition, three for children under the age of the use of this kind of toys, shall not be used in 1.5 mm thin ropes. The general structure simple, function of the less toys, safety performance is better; The more complex structure, function of the toy, the more safe hidden trouble.

Careful observation of the toys of surface colouring. Painted with paint, paint on the toys, should pay attention to whether is easy to flake coating. Paint lead must be less than 0.06%. A film or coating of toys generally does not adapt to the infant to use, because in paint film may have heavy metal element exceeds the phenomenon. It is also noted that children’s toys can’t contain toxic and dangerous chemicals.

If choose motor toys, the transmission mechanism should be closed, transmission power shoulds not be too big, should be possible GaShang torque, lest cause damage.

The choose and buy plush, cloth toy, especially large size of plush toys, forcibly knead a hand application knead, check whether the toys have hard block and so on filling sundry, if soft, elastic, no peculiar smell. Toys flat-fell seam filling should be stable, not from shows in flat-fell seam. The small parts on toys, such as the eyes, the nose and the mouth, small bell should be firm and decorations such as firm, no sharp edges, no burr, on children play in the process not easily fall off.

The choose and buy toys, might as well baby toys from 0.8 meters or so highly drop a few times, not burst to safety. For darts, slingshots, simulation pistol, laser gun toys must strengthen management, prevent children in use process cuts. And had shot the toy gun is plastic grain toy killer, should firmly do not buy, or you could your ruin.

To regularly check the child’s toy, special care have sharp edges and point of the toys, avoid to use by children under eight years old. Have broken wood surface of the toys, it will burst or separation of toys repairing in time, within the toys up battery to change regularly, in order to avoid the cell chemicals affect children’s health.

Buying toys safety first Buying toys safety first

Buying toys safety first

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