what is plush toys

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1, what is plush toys
Plush toys also called stuffed, it is to point to to use all kinds of PP cotton, plush, short plush raw materials such as cropping, sewing, decoration, filling, integer, packing and so on the steps of the toys made of.

2, the characteristics of the plush toys
Plush toys with lovely modelling is distinct, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient washing, adornment sex is strong, high security, applicable people widely etc. Characteristics. So for children of soft toys toys, decorated the house and as gifts are a good choice.

3, plush toys classification
Plush toys according to whether have filler and internal surface materials can be divided into: stuffed and the stuffed; Velvet stuffed, and plush toys, filling T/C cloth stuffed, pull plush stuffed.

4, plush toys with makings
Plush toys with makings mainly for: the plush, T/C cloth, knitted fabrics, acrylic cotton, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics, nanoparticles, chemical fiber up flannelette (pull plush, velvet), plush spare parts and so on.

5, plush Toy production process
Plush toys production process are basically: cutting, sewing, decoration, filling, integer, packaging.

6, plush toys export standards
In order to prevent the “dirty” cotton and contains toxic substances of plush toys, at present the appearance of soft toys’s major export is a certain level, must follow the national standard, American standard, ec standard etc detection to export sales.

what is plush toys what is plush toys

what is plush toys

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