Harm baby’s “security killer”

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Alert to harm-old baby supplies

Some parents may be in order to save, will give the baby use some old baby supplies, some is the other baby could have used, others can be friends and family a gift. But such old toys and baby supply, also can bring harm to baby. Such as these old supplies may already have damage or loss of the parts, and may have not accord with recent safety standards. Also, the old baby supplies often have no packing, it cannot find it suitable age, instructions and security is introduced, so there will be a lot of problems. Like a mother to accept a friend sent old baby bed, but she did not know the baby of the bed bedplate and fences were has a problem, because of this, the baby of six months in the baby bed use, he accidentally collapsing, and the results from the bed baby falls down in holes head and neck and multiple bruises, similar to this problem the lot. Old baby products, will probably carry virus, germs and so on, baby, parasites in use these old items, infectious germs, after suffering from some kind of disease, so some old to be cautious with baby products.

Safety measures: if you plan to use the old baby baby supply, so, first of all to pay attention to health, as far as possible with boiled water scald, and in the sun exposure to disinfect. In addition, to use old toys, old eat chair, old household swing or other second-hand baby products, to check carefully before their damage or missing parts. They carried by the tape, rope, seat belts, do not longer than 18 centimeters. Focus on some countries promulgated by the latest product safety standards, get old baby when things, first check one. The factory of 10 years of above metal or take paint, with some toys may be toxic elements, don’t give baby to play.

Alert to harm-bedding

Life, we can always see parents like to use some of the fluffy pillows or plush toys, fluffy soft bedding, spring mattress, and so on for the baby with a “comfort zone”, but the comfortable soft bedding, it is likely to lead to the baby suffocation, especially in 3 months baby, when sleeping is likely to block their face, that they can’t breathe even suffocate. Although in recent years, the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) have significantly reduced the trend. However, there are still some baby because bedding a greater than soft and suffocate.

Safety measures: don’t overly dotes on baby, also do not blind pursue fashion, decorate to baby bed, it is best to a hard mattess, bedspread and sheet wrapped tight to the mattress. Don’t give the baby use a pillow, cushion for leaning on, spring mattress, or in his baby bed put plush toys. Don’t give the baby use too much, too soft quilts. For the baby can purchase or do a suitable for his use of the right size, so that it can be effective sleeping bag and ensure that the baby sleep safely.

Alert security products harm. Baby

Life, we will always be some security concepts, such as: safety misled bath chair, the baby bed etc. Fall The safety of the so-called baby supplies, actually not safety, must be vigilant, prevent to bring the baby’s dangerous.

Safety measures: don’t let such a bath chair of the baby safety products to cause you a false sense of security. The baby in use these baby safety when things, don’t think that there are these security products will be all right, less protection, be sure to let the baby in you can protect the budget, and ensure that other caregivers to also want to do so.

Alert-pet family harm

Many families in life have a small pets, and these small pets will because unintentional injuries such as bites, torn human and bring some risk, especially small pets carry some of the virus, parasites, and so on to the harm of the family. And the little baby from the ability is weak, resistance is weak, so if a pet at home, but also can harm the baby, and its harm is sometimes very serious.

Safety measures: if avoid a pet cause damage to the baby, the best way is to don’t keep a pet at home, especially pregnant women pregnant from the first three months, and don’t keep a pet started small pets in the nest, appliance and so on to clear out, can be the appropriate house physical disinfection, and pay attention to ventilation and sun processing. Were it not for the domestic pet to, must give little pet injection epidemic prevention, and completes the vaccine and, when necessary, health may be shut in pet son, or USES other methods in with a small baby isolated. Usually if have a pet is around, adults must do care, avoid the baby was scratched, pet bitten or small pets to the baby caused by the other damage. The baby was once a pet bite or torn shall immediately to medical and epidemic prevention department for inspection and do not solve itself, or think doesn’t matter the delay of the best time to treatment, bring the inestimable consequences.

Harm babys security killer Harm babys security killer

Harm baby's security killer

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