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Once parents say with me, why to prepare toys, children, so boring on talent class! Anyway, the market condition talent class has a lot of, want to do what thing is what class.

In fact, more like children free, free to play in their way, play, not adults telling him what to do, also do not have a lot of restrictions and regulation, the more don’t tube class is over, don’t have to sit not neat bunch of.

Children playing games is the same! Children can choose the appropriate talent class, but I think that keep a blank time, let them relax completely in the state, through their favorite games and toys, let the heart fly, as one unbounded, with their own way to think, the more likely the unique creative outbreak!!!!! On most of the talent class must abide by the portrait of the standard and the guidance, after class, children and leave their children a few lateral between free interaction, I think this is many lonely child at talent still feel lonely class reasons. Talent can’t satisfy deep friendship of class of desire, also can’t play freely, like as in all kinds of emergencies, experience to a random practical skills! Play with Toy, and feel play out different breadth, guess what he loves to play???????

The little boy is one of the train tracks-love!!!!! Feel the train, part of the play is not about the train tracks, especially curious, but the track is: how is the bifurcation?

Read the Christmas when you feel large classes, dad boss give the children a Christmas gift: Tomy (beautiful) little train. Toys on tracks “the little yellow pole”, is that it can decide the train to things, let you feel great shout magic! Turn the yellow pole, can “make rail”!

The results we to the railway station, really on the track see such “pole”, of course, in fact is not yellow!

Mother school

From now on every day I feel forced to find “book” for him to see!!!!! He want to know these things over exactly call??????? Finally in the “small Newton” 230), and from Taipei city library “proud of the train” found the valuable information.

They are called “turn the correct” : from a lever to manipulate the small bands on the track, can determine whether the train path where go to!

Educators spencer said: “education should try to encourage individuals to the development of the process. Should guide their children, to discuss implications. To tell them of the less as far as possible, and some should lead them to discover as far as possible some more should.” Children to play with toy really have their way, even the little train is electric, also have different from adults’ observation! And once something hooked, leave no stone unturned is to break what the casserole, find the answer not! With “three little pigs” process, finally let me know, what they need is a good in their own ways, free to play!

Buy toys of this time

Give birth to a child, just to see their favorite toy, often can’t help that hold the thought of home, of the children received toy show surprise, I smile and smile. But look at toys moved into the house without reason, the children will feel to want what can get almost cannot understand the expensive toys, of course, do not know how to cherish. I deeply feel so love child enough to kill the child, so to change their positions, absolute adhere to the “don’t buy toys” “pick time buy toys” and “let children earning his own toys” principle.

Special day, birthday, graduate, have special performance, to let the child to the toy store personally choose toys. In addition, if the baby and dreamed of toys, of course, be about to rely on “points” accumulated the way!!!!! I made a list, list all add some, buckle point, children project accumulated to a certain point, you can buy some price toys. On the one hand standard daily behavior of children, on the other hand also let children understand to toys have not come by easily, and cherish.

But “pig are” very naive, tell me they have other way: “I’ll pray, let Santa send me!”

Mother school toy Mother school

Mother school toy

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