How to teach the baby to play with toys science

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Rubik’s cube, educational have magic?

Rubik’s cube, JiuLianHuan, LEGO…… Now the child’s Toy variety is more and more abundant, “educational toys” there is also a very DuoZhong. Many parents give children buy toys “pile of a mountain”, spent a lot of money, but didn’t also found that children get what the educational. Educational toys really useful? How to teach children to play with toy science?

Reporter direct:

Educational toys to play intelligence

Some children home but didn’t find out what toy pile benefits, some children, from a few toys can get a lot of help. Recently, the reporter interviewed two guangzhou’s little girl, they all benefit from the educational toys.

Play rubik’s cube is broken guinness world record

September 15,, the reporter is met “rubik’s cube small princess” and give thanks. Grace and now six years old, the rubik’s cube will play hard……. But grace and break the “world guinness book of world records”, become “the world’s most young rubik’s cube the recovery” is only three years and 117 days. The grace of the smart and now, and peers, attention and memory are outstanding, puzzles, lego toys and play very well.

Grace and father is south guangzhou middle school math teacher wu, he said to reporters, grace and two years old from 9 months began to learn a rubik’s cube. “Because the home is far away from the kindergarten, so every time with grace and the time go to school, I taught well and playing rubik’s cube. In the beginning is to teach her children recognize colors, interested, then slowly from the most simple place started teaching her reduction, about a hour every day rubik’s cube.”

Grace and father found that playing a rubik’s cube, and a little grace after attention very easily concentration, and also become better memory, and also made “rubik’s cube teaching” in her class in the student body. He found that students through the rubik’s cube, self-confidence, and after training grades have improved a lot. “I take classes students bottom first, ranking is to high school is up to positive first, and science scores and other class than students to lead.”

Toy shop to play small genius

XiaoYue this year 12 years old, just over the last years of primary school, directly to the key middle school. And before this, XiaoYue has become a lot the object of competing media reports. Because XiaoYue will not only speech, and debate, dance, painting, English game take the national Olympic competition guangzhou division, the first English level and foreign children age quite. And small age, even the French can also said on many. XiaoYue human resource center in the psychological center intelligence test, results more than Webster 140 points, is worthy of being called a “small genius”.

XiaoYue mother said to reporters before, the whole family and didn’t give XiaoYue do any special counsel, the small of the time, because want deal doesn’t have time to read, but she was too tube primary school later, XiaoYue showed their advantage, the most prominent is “what to learn quickly”.

XiaoYue mother says, because dad is in beautiful square of the toy store is open, so XiaoYue since the childhood bubble in the toy pile, the store’s all toys to play XiaoYue a times. “We have never of her special education, what I and her father’s genetic genes are generally, it is very common, estimates that XiaoYue wisdom is thanks to play it.”


Educational toys to help develop DuoYuan intelligence

Rubik’s cube, all kinds of educational toys really have so much magic? Zhongshan university human resources centre psychological center director plan that, if use shaw method is proper, educational toys for children’s various ability really have very large promote function, and can be directly increase the child observation, thinking, imagination, strain and so on many basic ability. In fact it is very fancy toy expert recommended teachers and parents in the life of the ability to improve children often use the “magic weapons.”

Rubik’s cube, JiuLianHuan, jigsaw puzzles, music higher is typical of educational toys, because this kind of toy design is not only with image, color, sound to attract children, but need to let the children must be in the head, use thinking to solve problems can be successfully after the fun, it also contains the non-intelligent factors such as perseverance.

Experts take “rubik’s cube” for example: “rubik’s cube is the world number one intelligence toys, is by the Budapest el’s robust construction college professor deplored · invented in 1974. Invented professor hope it can become a kind of help students enhance a space thinking ability of teaching tools. How the chaos of the color square recovery is interesting and difficult problem.”

According to information, common rubik’s cube is “the first three cube rubik’s cube”, a second order, fourth order, five order, etc. Various kinds of cube rubik’s cube, rubik’s cube there are even spherical. “One of the first three rubik’s cube has 432.5 billion kinds of change, if you a second can turn 3 rubik’s cube, and are not repeat, you also need to turn 454.2 billion, can turn a rubik’s cube, and the number of all the change is the age of the universe estimate about 30 times. Recovery rubik’s cube need a pair of nice hands, keen space imagination and high efficiency of the rotation. So, this program for children right brain development has very great help. Rubik’s cube games can help children learn space cube of composition and structure and exercise space thinking ability and memory.”

Shaw plan argues that, besides rubik’s cube, other than the fancy toy can also train children’s various ability, such as four artful piece jigsaw puzzles board, can exercise observing ability, strain capacity, thinking order, and so on. “Jigsaw puzzles are flat, can exercise of the children at the ability; you should finish puzzle which part? This involves thinking. The order of the logic and four qiao board is abound change, to teach children it over the ‘no’. A direction not, then turn to try a different direction, train children capability.” “These ability in the little child can’t directly to parents see any good, but in fact at work when the child is an adult to solve problems depends on observation and thinking, imagination, strain, and other basic ability, and these must want to start young every little bit made.”

Expert advice:

Train smart baby can very cheap

Now parents in order to develop the child it may be said is elusive, experts say: train smart baby, “spending money than beautiful idea”, actually if proper methods, the child will be very helpful.

To play with toy attention to the scientific method. “Although the fancy toy is very useful

How to teach the baby to play with toys science How to teach the baby to play with toys science

How to teach the baby to play with toys science

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