One year old baby don’t need electric toys

Author: kikils, October 2, 2011, Leave a comment

The baby at the age of almost one, most like anything when drum knock. Some parents designed for children to buy electric Toy, have never thought children pick up on the table, the results to knock a few times did beat bad.

1 s child, want to understand all kinds of objects, objects, and the relationship between objects and his action can produce results, way is beating different objects. The children know that to do so, it will have a different sound, and strong force, produce the effect of different sound is different also. For example, drum the table with wood, can send out the voice of spluttered; Knock POTS and pans to emit bong; Take a piece of wood in each hand to knock, sound seemed to be more wonderful. Baby soon learn to choose knock things, learn to control the power of the knock, then the development of their own actions he coordination.

So, parents don’t have to give the child of this age buy high-grade toys, need to find some take spoons, toy hammer, toys small POTS and pans, paper boxes, such things is enough.

electric toys One year old baby dont need electric toys

electric toys

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