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Inflatable toys refers to the use of film material made the tension and the pressure difference to form the film inside and outside the shape of the toys.The small size, after discouraged easy to carry the collection.From the cent on material have PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmental protection material inflatable products, clip nets cloth and Oxford cloth inflatable toys, agglutination inflatable rubber products, inflatable animals and evade glue, silicon injection adult blow-ups.

From the function points have large advertising model, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture series, small cartoon children’s toys, gifts, promotional inflatable small advertising simulation model gas, life saving appliances, aquatic amusement toys, the aeration pool, pool water transparent roller, adult toys and so onLarge inflatable toys: such toys large size, mainly appear in large supermarket the door, park or store, such as: naughty castle, city entertainment, inflatable castle, air bed, air and rock climbing, inflatable slide, inflatable arch, large inflatable advertising model.

Cartoon model gas toys: such inflatable toys for the appearance of the cartoon image, product appearance, appearance, and is a very good children’s toys, advertisement model.Small inflatable toys: such inflatable toys smaller, appearance diversity, color is gorgeous, interest are strong, popular among children, such as inflatable animals, swimming laps, inflatable doll, etc.Leisure inflatable household: adopt the high intensity PVC material, environmental protection air mattress, inflatable sofa, bed, indoor air field portable air swimming pool, etcWater inflatable toys: such inflatable toys is mainly used in the water, such as the rolling the ball in the park, the yo-yo, swimming laps, inflatable boats, water walk the ball, water transparent roller, leisurely wave ball and so on, is the best summer entertainment water inflatable toys.Water Toy has soft, flexible safety features, and large inflatable toys new and exciting, and interest are strong, small inflatable toys is the most fun product selection hand children.

It is the many inflatable toys with characteristics, and let more people to accept, and without it; In addition in recent years the development of outdoor large toys in a certain extent drives large inflatable toys development; Another inflatable toys outer membrane technology built raw materials the rapid development of PVC material, the widely used, also in effective driving the toy industry development, the reunion and inflatable toys in recent years in a good development speed.

In addition to manufacturing inflatable toys beyond, inflatable toys concept also can go to finish for outdoor products, travel products, for example inflatable sofa, inflatable pillow, air bed, air mattress, and so on. Cartoon characters of the air sofa, popular with children’s welcome.Inflatable bed for household life not only, to go out and play in the home, the bed, a temporary office work overtime, often to move house of migrant workers, the student’s dormitory, sauna, shops, etc can be used, for bringing the great convenience.Inflatable bed in the air and use the characteristics of the pervasive, when sleeping, make human body and the berth identical, people body parts uniform stress, and overcome the traditional berth for the blood circulation to the uneven force bring barriers, and in foreign air bed and healthy people bed. It’s more convenient to filling the air bed……. At ordinary times, a flexible spare collection is a senior bed, inflated away bed, temporary open bed, want to open it, open open put off air plug in the drawer.Children’s fitness sport toys, 2-13 years old baby all can ride, with safety and health novel features, is the baby fitness, game best products. Its modelling is lovely, the design is novel, jump colourful, easy to carry, the play is not greasy, baby’s latest playmate.

Inflatable toys adopts the high quality PVC material, can withstand the pressure 130 kg, adults can also be when stool, with anti-explosion sit, even if the rupture of also won’t suddenly explodes, will only slowly, a security leak. As long as the gas was pumped go be a chubby lovely fat horse, don’t play with the gas off can easily away, and very easy to clean, thickness of the material, perishable wear-resistant, is not easy to damage, it can be used in your house toys live longest oh!!!!!Jump in deer ride process, the baby will adjust their body posture, maintain focus, can strengthen muscles balance of activities, improve the ability of hands, eyes, legs, and function coordination, let baby is, by the way, about the game action, make body fully exercise! Set game, fitness in the integration of jumping, will stay with your baby deer spend happy childhood.In order to the baby is healthy growth, the proposal is in after receiving goods with detergent to darling again after cleaning play Use the help:

1, inflatable before you take off white cock, been filled out after gas to ensure the correct and complete inserted into a cock, while use don’t off cock.

2, when children ride children and animals series inflatable toys, must have the adult care.

3, to certain of the time, children and animals series expansion will slowly shrink inflatable toys.In continue to play before, must be sure that the air and again reached saturation.

4, play the toys, to ensure that before or the ground around the thing or not sharp objects.

5, children dance the vaulting horse fitness toys for a child to play. Two children play together is very dangerous, so don’t advocate two children play together.

6, when riding a children’s jump the vaulting horse inflatable toys, two hands to get it in the two ears, standing in toys or not catch the ear is very dangerous, we also is not recommended.

7, avoid the uneven ground, steps or stairs. Don’t play in the fire place or electric heater next to play.8, don’t put the children and animals as a tool series inflatable toys use, it is just to play.

Inflatable toys Inflatable toys more

Inflatable toys

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