How to rational choice 2 years old baby toys

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Since, I often for the baby to buy what kind of toys and frustration, the baby a few months old, by the book I bought many tips fruit study CARDS, to teach children know fruit, but I found out that the child to study CARDS ripped to many of the cognitive, less. Even if know all is also they have eaten fruit, those rare fruit told him he can’t remember the name, than use to buy the card of money to buy some fresh fruit children are more effect.Later, I bought a rainbow tower, all kinds of cars, but the children play of the time like the rainbow tower thrown around or chew wheeled car, the basic experience not only how to play toys should have fun.

And so, spent a lot of money, but the baby learning but no effect. 1 years or less, he only for the ball, knocking mineral water bottles, tearing interested. I found, in the life some seem to be very simple, ordinary things in his hand, but can be a fun Toy, for example, put a few bottles of mineral water in soybeans, he is very like a voice of the bottle, or with the abandoned floppy disk and his count, the game together very like children. From then on I began very rational purchase children’s toys, observing his be fond of, the analysis of his needs. According to age buying toys. Here I want to warn parents, friends of avoid by all means don’t buy toys for your for good, must safety, suitable for.Now my baby two years old, I look carefully at his interest in the kindergarten, I found a lot of the same age of kids are very like playing a puzzle, of course, the kinds of puzzles are many, woodiness geometric shape, also have the pattern of the paper.

I choose and buy for baby a 10 sheets of small puzzles, the design is not complex, according to figures into a cake, two watermelon, three ice cream, four chicks, ten pattern. To the baby said: “come and give the chicken to find partners!” The child was very happy, whenever the puzzle of the spell will also ask me: “I find partners for chickens, the chicken happy?” I will happily say: “happy ah!” This piece of puzzles him the day can independently, and is repeated spell and enthusiastic.Jigsaw puzzles are two years old baby very favorite toys, spending one of a few, but learning effect is obvious.

Playing a puzzle training not only the children’s thinking also can promote his eye-hand coordination and practical ability, the children playing puzzles very focused and quiet a lot. But in the choose and buy when must pay attention to the following points1, design not too complicated, with a larger version of about 10 pieces together the picture, too complex, the child’s thinking can not reach will lose the confidence to continue playing.2, the pattern of the content is very familiar with the best of the things, such as chicken, watermelon, apple, water cup, don’t choose such as Mr G ord, fairy tale story content of the puzzles, because this age children weren’t able to design and story connected.3, puzzles to color should be bright, best choice for white, such substrate pattern can more prominent, the child easy to find, don’t choose the spacecraft, background of the underwater world of the jigsaw puzzle, complicated background for children, children play with chaos are up more difficult.

2 years old baby toys How to rational choice 2 years old baby toys

2 years old baby toys

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