Children’s toys to know how much

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In general, children’s toys for particular age group of children’s design and manufacturing, and the characteristics and the age of the child and intelligence on stage. The use of children’s toys with certain ability to adapt as the prerequisite. In our country, the children age 14 years in the limit of.

As a children’s toys, it has a key factor, that is it must be able to attract the attention of the children. This requires toys with bright color, rich voice and easy operation characteristics. Note the, because children are in a growing unrest and in different age stages they have different hobbies, generally have XiXinYanJiu psychology. Accordingly, children Toy shop should press children age subdivision toys: if press O-three years old, 3 to 7 years old, 7 to 10 years old, 10-14 years old and distinction.

The material for, common children’s toys have wooden toys, metal toys,, wool toys; The function, it is the most popular parents welcome development intellectual toys.

Specifically, children’s toys can be divided into the following ten:
Jigsaw puzzle classes: improve children’s cognitive ability, analysis ability, imagination, cultivate children’s sense of accomplishment.

The game in raising children toys: cognitive ability, and on the basis of the child’s ability to begin, and develop their thinking, exercise operation skill and the ability of hands.
Digital abacus of children in training text: ability to set the move also practice, training of children’s fine movement, inspire children to shape, number, quantity, and the precise understanding to exercise the muscle flexibility.

Tools: basically let children know, master all the tools of shape, colour and structure, and in the process, the training of the children’s practical operation ability and eye-hand coordination, development of imagination.

Educational combined kind of a child’s imagination: space ability and fine hands-on ability, so as to deepen our understanding of the time, animals, transportation and housing shape, color, and other aspects of the rational understanding.
Blocks class: inspire children’s ability of interest, reasonable combination collocation foster kids the consciousness and space imagination ability; The clever design of the children, exercise drag the ability to walk, encourage the children to the creation of the sense of accomplishment.

Traffic toys: by improving the children to train and car and truck of the structure of the cognitive and know, based on the training in some sort of assembly, drag and ability, enhance begins the consciousness and self-care ability, and through the assembling understand the relationship between objects transformation.
Procrastination classes: improving children’s cognitive ability, according to the different tractors animals, let it know all sorts of animal the different characteristics of the exercise in big within the scope of their ability to walk.

A jigsaw puzzle classes: by all sorts of shapes, rich contents of the makeup, to the combination of the graphics in children, resolution, and has a certain combination on the basis of cognition, exercise the ability of independent thinking, and cultivate their patience and persistence.
Cartoon dolls classes: parents busy, need some accompany children’s recreational toys, and modelling lovely cartoon doll is widely welcome children.

Childrens toys Childrens toys to know how much

Children's toys

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