Children’s toys is the use of the game by children of items

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Children’s toys is the use of the game by children of items. Children’s toys is the imagination, thinking, and psychological process to the pillar of the behavior. Children’s toys can develop sports ability, the training of consciousness, inspiring the imagination, arouse curiosity, for the children’s physical and mental development provides the material conditions. The choose and buy of children’s toys are clear:
Suitable for newborn baby-perceive the world

The baby was born with their own unique way to understand the world, baby young hand to grasp all sorts of small toys, rattles, such as bed the bell. All kinds of sound and light with fitness frame also is very fit for this stage began to play the baby. This time for being a baby easy rocking chair, the chair in the next stages can continue to use.

Suitable for three to six months baby-active and lively
This phase of the baby more lively, eye coordination action happens, can make some simple and effective action, will shake and knocks toys, and remember different toys have a different style of play and function. At this time, for the baby can choose a few soft toys building blocks, such as fluffy wool figurines, and a “daruma”. Take a shower of the time also is to play, play water, water, very suitable for this stage floating Toy baby!!!!! In addition, let the baby reading some bright red color, pictures lovely cloth book is a good choice!
Suitable for 6 to 9 months baby-to climb around

The baby’s various action began to appear to be able to make, sex, and freely climb. The body movement expanded the scope of the baby to explore, drag toys, drum etc are greatly satisfy the baby’s curiosity. At this time, can choose for baby toys include: various kinds of procrastination toys, music leash to pull the bell, hammer drum, such as building blocks, the book is still quite a good choice, can be in this stage of cognitive ability. Baby inspiration Baby car is also the time to start the use.
Suitable for 9 to 12 months-toddler baby

Almost one years old baby can take adult’s hand, occasionally it can walk lurched walked a few steps alone; Likes playing with toys, on interested things long time observation. Like throwing things, such as the adults had just picked up the ball, toys handed to the baby, the baby hand immediately before throwing it away. The baby likes playing with toys especially like set of tower, beaded frame. At that time the baby, to continue to use XueBuChe, but also add some sports such as the toys ball. In addition, the stage of the baby boom, too, choose expressive ego toy piano, a set of pile can be very good to meet toys at this stage of the baby needs. Play
Suitable for 1 to 2 years old baby-move freely

At this time the baby’s motor and sensory ability, will improve the imitation do some exercises, eating and physical activity and the beat. Most of the baby has learned to walk, activity ability is greatly enhanced. At this time some toys for the baby can be preserved phone, the ball, drawing board, tablet, etc.; A little closer to 2 years old, the baby for play intelligence building, small animals, traffic tools, books, improve cognitive skills and language ability of toys.

Suitable for 2 to 3 years old baby-intelligence growth
The baby has walked very firm, keen to “move” game, some impatient parents, and also concerned about the baby’s intelligence development. At that time she starts are interested in playing some intelligence toys. At this time, joining together, assembling kind of toys is very suitable for the baby; Letters, words, also suitable for tablet; Logic reasoning kind of toy began to let the baby interested. All in all, this phase of the baby, need a learning environment.

More than 3 years old baby–independentThree years later the baby has to walk freely, many began to go to school. Intelligence toys still is necessary, in addition, it is also important to exercise the baby of sports ability, it’s more of a stage of the baby grow, is also train baby form the good habit of some for a lifetime of beginning. Sports type of toys such as bowling, tricycles, skates, all kinds of ball games toys, nooses, cars, etc are suitable for baby to play. At this time, toys and began to show the difference between gender, the boys began to like model, machinery, electric toys, girls like to dress and the start of the play, such as the sex of the baby, should be based on the cognitive choose appropriate toys.

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