Parents should how to choose a suitable for baby toys

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Parents should how to choose a suitable for baby toys, to achieve the purpose of fun? It depends on the specific situation, baby boy or girl is over, and the children are so quiet or active, another baby’s different growth stage has a different choice to deal with the baby’s development and growth of the specific situation. So, we will choose the method of children toys concentrated in two law for parents, daikin reference.
The first auric law according to the child’s age, characteristics and the psychological demand choose toys
Different age paragraph the child, whose body development degree and psychological development degree of the requirements of different, Toy is different also, parents should be in accordance with the selected toys.

Age 3 children already have a certain amount of activity ability. On the stage of the children, parents should choose to promote their physical development toys, such as small ball, carts, kegs, blocks, dolls, etc.

4 years old children, along with the development of the language functions, like imitate adult movement and the life around, so you can choose their imitate the subject of the life toys, such as doll house toys (doll, tableware, etc.), hospital toys (needle, stethoscopes, etc.), still can choose small music entertainment toy, such as a “daruma”, etc.

5-6 year old the child, knowledge and experience increases gradually, autonomy, can strengthen choose their oneself start work, move the brain toys, such as chess toys building blocks, like leather, mud and some tool toys and semi-finished products, such as wood materials, MuChui, safety scissors, glue, matchbox, toothpaste tube, dried fruit shell, etc. Can guide the children, appropriate help your child to use these things at will make their own ideal items. This positive initiative, the constructive activity is the most beneficial to the physical and mental development of children.
The second auric law according to the child’s individual character difference: a destination, choose toys
Active children, parents can choose for the static sex toys, such as intelligence building blocks assembling, put plastic toys;
Character solitary monarch, taciturn, keeping children, parents can choose for its dynamic toys, such as sonic toys, let it in a relaxed, freedom, and not be suppressed game from happy and confident atmosphere of emotion, and gradually form and lively, cheerful personality;
Careless child, impatient, parents can select for its sex toys, and such as provide semi-finished products or paper box, the sticks, magnet, ChouBu, digital dish, toys scale and, let the child absorbed in operation produces in the process of the discrimination ability of the sharp.
Of course. In addition to give children a good choice toys at the same time, we also teach children how to creative play with toys, how to treat toys and so on, also mentioned is not the more expensive toys, the better, suitable for are the most important, we also advise parents to choose the more beneficial wisdom, the more resistance to play with toys, rather than the current popular a appearance is very good but not connotation of toys. Parents must be aware of the pitfalls.


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