FisherPrice crawling carpet

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According to lie low period, in turn period and crawling under the age of 1 issue of the baby, small make up for you to recommend is FisherPrice tap new crawling carpet. This is a multi, is also a baby with three periods (lie low period, turn over period and creep of toys, help baby small arms and legs development at the same time, still can help baby sports skill development, to stimulate the sensory perception, promote the cognitive abilities.

Crawling with carpet can tap the demolition of toys and fun to hang off the baby’s arm can stimulate the development of power and leg.. Three kinds of different image can be struck all the toys in the front of the machines suspension: a small seahorses can rotate, and will sing; One is the form of shells mirror; The back of the machines is a soft beach ball.
Tap in two kinds of crawling blanket assembly method, the first kind, suitable for baby lie low period and emancipated period use.In babies born to lie low period: the baby lying in a blanket on, borrows by vivid biological modelling and scrolling music ball, attract baby reached out his hand and kick contact;The baby can be over time: the three hit Toy commutation position, let the baby alone had been, can be more fun to play with the baby;

When the baby when crawling, you can use the second assembly method:Will the blanket together, and let the baby play into the tunnel more, thus encouraging him a lot to crawl.

FisherPrice tap new crawling carpet exquisite packaging, the product packing box with pictures of three way to do that, the use of image and clear.The cloth of crawling blanket soft delicate good sense, no special taste, not for baby skin or smell of stimulation.Toy itself with three small accessories, colour collocation also is very bright, and can be uttered his voice, and is able to attract the attention of the baby, can play sex, interest is very strong.Install a bit of trouble, especially a beach ball pensile point too narrow, not easy to be a hole through suspension ropes.

Fisherprice FisherPrice crawling carpet


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