Spain withdraw chinese-made magnetic fishing game toys

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On July 29, 2011, the European commission non-food fast warning system in China to “Fishing” brand magnetic Fishing game Toy warned.The warning was the name of the product for “Magnetic fishing game”, type 2045-8, bar code for 8435235856948, the notification for Spain kingdom. The magnetic FISHING GAME 1 of 8 a goldfish AND root of plastic, FISHING rod carton packaging, packaging “FUNNY AND LOVELY FISHING GAME NEW ONE. FOR AGES three AND UP”, place of origin, CE AND 3 years old children use sign.

This kind of toy was listed in the “no security products” list, this product is the reason is not in conformity with the toy safety instructions and the European Union’s standards EN 71, a hook easy and rod separation. Hook contains a flux than 50 magnets, this magnet can fully into small parts, may give test cylinder children bring swallowed suffocation hazard; And this toy fish body can open into two parts, exposed metal buckles and magnet if swallowed, and be in the children may occur bowel perforation hazards.At present, the Spanish department requirements will this product withdrawn from the market.The baby in play toys, magnetic mothers will cause for alarm. 3 years old of the following don’t try to play, in order to avoid the baby swallowed, cause choking the harm such as.

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