Wooden toys will be your first choice

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Wooden toys type and function great variety, rich and colorful. Its quality directly affect children’s physical and mental health.Wooden toys generally is smaller and lighter, feel is good, easy to operate, the price also is moderate.

Now, more and more kinds of wooden toys.The following kinds of wooden toys is very common.Building blocks: the simple several geometric figure composition, such as about cuboids and cubes, cylinders, plus bright-coloured colour, or painting beautiful design, can compose the variety of tricks. Simple a box of building blocks, five or six months from baby have been to go to school can play, just different age children to play with the pattern of the different ways.

Not only can take a simple little bridge, also can build complex of tall buildings. Blocks although modelling is simple, but it more than ready-made toys can develop children’s mental, development space imagination and cognitive abilities.Procrastination toys: wood kind of drag toys because itself has a certain sense, so the stability is better. If the baby made the image of delight, such as the little duck, cars and so on, are more suitable to toddler baby to play.Wear bead: are round, square, fruit shape and so on, the color is very rich.

Teach children wear up with ropes beads, still can when adornment. The development of children’s fine movement and eye-hand coordination very beneficial. In the operating process, the children can also practice counting, and to know that the color, to understand the relationship between things, and so on.Puzzles: of the old Chinese educational toys in puzzles, like four qiao board, jigsaw puzzles. And now jigsaw puzzle is different form, rich content. Some puzzle the knowledge and skills together, make it animal puzzles, map puzzles, and so on. The children in the operation of the process, can not only learn knowledge, understanding thegraph combination, split, and can exercise independent thinking, cultivate patience and perseverance.

Most wooden toys are suitable for several months or l older children play. Some wooden toys can hang in the stroller or child’s bed, shaken by the adults toys to let the children listen to sounds, or to send their children to see the bright color, to stimulate the child’s hearing and visual development. This kind of Toy most is hanged with strings, winding the baby’s dangerous, so I’d better don’t let the baby play on my own.To buy such toys, we must pay special attention to geometric shapes, because the baby likes what things in your mouth all cork, if geometric shape or the wrong size, it will be easy to jam their nose and mouth cause choking.3 years old the following the baby to the toy can’t play a small parts, wooden toys adhesion glue and connection of toy must be very firm, even very strong glue to water resistant to soak. Some glue once water immersion test is apart, some rope to bear the tension of the 90 Newton, a pull it off. Need to point out that some of the poor quality of wood, once fell and impact test, wood is worn out. Especially some wood beads of pearl wall is too thin, a hit is broken, or even shattered.Wooden toys quality good performance of wood drying, no mildew, and the surface is bright and clean, assembly firm.

When buying usable hand in the toy surface touch it again, to feel the way whether burr and sophisticated, whether there is a sharp edge, lest the child play slit the skin. With the sound wooden toys to buy, should listen to their voice is moderate pleasant, no noise feeling, because of excessive voice may be to children’s listening problems even damage.Do not buy as far as possible with wooden toys surface coating, avoid chew toys, children’s bite inhaled harmful material. In addition, the wooden toys with fragrance also want to avoid buying, because children once inhaled too much contain benzene, toluene and aromatic compounds fragrance will go against health.

Parents buy woodiness toys need to pay attention to the following problems:1. Try to choose to credit the good market purchase.2. Check the label toys whether standard, whether to conform to the national standard requirements.3. Finally want to remind the parent is, buy children’s toys, should obtain invoices to the operator or other shopping vouchers. As an important proof the rights of future.And as the other toys, wooden toys will often clean and disinfect. According to 300: the proportion of 1 with soda water, or with 100: the proportion of 1 to join bleaching water, soak 1 hour in the sunshine. In peacetime to education to wash their hands, to tell the children form the good habit of health, avoid toys the bacteria harm children’s health.

Wooden toys Wooden toys will be your first choice

Wooden toys

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