Definition of toys

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Definition of toys

Simply said, used to “play” instruments, call toys. The famous educationist, children’s education experts ChenHeQin said: “for toys should make broad sense, it is not limited to the street sold for children, children play things that could play, look, listen to and touch it, can call toys.” Toy injustice fit for children, also suitable for youth and the middle-aged and elderly, suitable from 0 years old to 100 years of all people. It is the wisdom of the skylight tool, it lets the people tactful.

For people, especially children and game play of the products. Dated back to 5000 DuoNian cultural relics of ancient Egypt had clay, wood, bones and ivory etc material made of dolls, a child’s grave in a small drink and life appliance. About 3000 years ago, the Persian cultural relics under the round round was found to have the drag toys.

Even the ancient Greek useful starting voice and image of the toy animals gyro. The Roman tombs have been unearthed in the activities of the limbs GDCCP figures. 18 th century nuremberg, Germany to become European toy production center. The doll MoYin process, the device mechanical components, crying, and walking can perform such action.

The music toys and still produce clockwork toys. The 19 th century new science and technology achievements used in toy design and production, make toys to the development of the production, showed activity picture, peep show, slide show as optical toy. In 1878, scientists in the United States by T.A. Edison phonograph will speak, sing made the doll. In the 1890 s, the United States have the electric fan and small production electric version the little train. Chinese toys also has a long history.

About 5500 years ago the ningyang dawenkou sites have found in shandong small ceramic pig. Dated back to 3800 years of cultural relics in accumulating clay toys and rang the bell. Kite and ball games also has 2000 years of history. Diabolo, windmills, roll ring, jigsaw puzzles, JiuLianHuan as a traditional Chinese folk toys. 20 centuries later, toy industry become important industry. 30 s the production and export of German toys in the first place. 40 s American toy production rapid development, the production, consumption and import in the crown of the world. 50 s Japanese toy industry rise, the export volume catch up with Germany. 50 s China toy industry formed, with Beijing and Shanghai as the main production. Toys DuoZhong varieties of 7000. 60 s Hong Kong toy industry is rising. After 80 s Taiwan toy industry has very big development.

Definition of toys Definition of toys

Definition of toys

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