The choose and buy children’s toys from five aspects

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Children’s toys first choose and buy to see “3 C” sign. Also is to see whether products through a national mandatory product certification. At present, the stroller, electric toys, plastic toys, metal toys, ejection toys, baby toys and so on six toys products have been listed in the national “3 C” mandatory scope, when the choose and buy must see “3 C” sign.

See toys label. This a major label to see if the production factory name, the site of factory, phone, the main material or component, the use of age range, safety warnings, and whether any product certificate, etc, so as to avoid the choice he brings to the child safety problems.See using method. Like children bicycle,computer learning machine to complex toys, should have detailed use method and the matters needing attention.
See the assembly program diagram toys. Toy assembly either by the assembly or adult children self-assembly should have assembly program diagram.

See quality status. Check the toys and parts of the appearance and structure, see metal toys and other small attachment is easier to screw loose, fall off, exposing tips. Filling the toys of the eye, nose and other accessories is easier to fall off, to avoid being by mistake eats the infant.

The choose and buy childrens toys from five aspects The choose and buy childrens toys from five aspects

The choose and buy children's toys from five aspects

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