Toys with sleep is practical

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For their children’s favorite toy , often alone prattling away, busy with, at dinner, go out with, when sleeping, also want to accompany. Indeed, the Toy is the child’s angels, can give a child infinite joy.

According to information, many parents when sleeping, let children sleep with a toy, say in film, TV is like this. Actually, this kind of practice is unfavorable imitate and advocated. Three reasons:

First of all, when sleeping toys in side, the children playing, short time is more than ten minutes, long is for an hour, or even longer. It is not good for children to sleep, natural training on time to sleep of good habit.

Second, cloth toy and long villi toys, such as cloth dolls, long hair and dogs, easy dirty, children sleep in side not health; Metal toys, hard plastic toys, such as gun, transformers, established edges, quality of a material is hard, put the children side are not safe.Third, the bedroom even opening the lamp, the light is compared commonly dark.

Children sleep in the bed, play while sleeping, the eye and the toy at close range, usually less than 20 cm, eyes need to be nervous regulation, eye flesh fatigue, intraocular pressure, eye axis easy elongation, go against child protection vision.In order to train the children the good life health habits and protect children vision, parents or be careful this link, can’t let toys with sleep form a habit.


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