The classification of toys

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The classification of toys

Toys with entertaining, education, safety three basic characteristics. The variety and different classification method.
According to the raw material and process is divided into: metal toys, plastic toys, wood, bamboo toys,, wool Toy, paper toys and folk toy;According to the state into elastic toys, inertia toys, send by age into Suckling toys, baby toys, children’s toys; A toy, electric toy, music toys, electronic toys;

According to the function is divided into sports toys, intelligence toys, science and toys, military toys, adornment toys.
Because some toy safety factor there, so many countries of the world have formulated toy safety standards. Toys shall be subject to the inspection, standard, the products indicate the mark, or no production, sale and import. Most countries adopt international toy industry committee for the international toy safety standards “.

Toy safety standards

Toy is a baby indispensable partner game, but in life, the parents and the baby are often attracted colourful fresh toys, ignoring the toy safety. Many toys quality problem only in the accident to attention by people, but it’s too late, to the baby has caused damage. Therefore, parents buy toys often feel there are many confused, exactly what kind of toys is standard?

In the early 80 s, the European Community is promulgated the toys EN71 standard, our country also have GB6675 the toy safety “, to the toy a strict product the quality requirements. It for different age paragraph the baby to the toy use the different provisions. After more than ten years of perfect, China has formally promulgated more than 10 kinds of relevant standards, covers a variety of types of toys. And stipulate the strict instructions and identification of the toy standard requirements, such as: must indicate the name of the factory, the site of factory, trademark, use age, safety, and maintenance method, warnings standard number, product certificate, 12 issues involved. Parents in buying toys, the first to check on the packing of toys have these content, and then buy.

Plush toys by all ages baby like, because it is soft, newborn baby can also play, so the international standard of the scale of the more strict. Among them, the Chinese GB6675 to plush toys of small parts of the more detailed requirements, such as toys on the nose, eyes, buttons and small parts should withstand 90 N the tension not loose, otherwise, when baby biting, chew, pick these small parts, they fall off easily hurt and the baby. Additional, when buying in by hand knead a pinch toys, experience the simple sense, all feel hard or stanza of self is filling the block some inferior materials, such as metal deposits, nails and needles and broken glass and unsafe goods, baby to play, may be was wounded.

When the baby larger, parents started for them to buy stroller, now in the market of the stroller full of beautiful things in eyes, from XueBuChe, cart, tricycles to bicycle, different specifications and very complete. Parents should pay attention to when buy: XueBuChe chassis not too close to the ground, the general situation in addition to other than wheels, chassis and accessories from ground level should be at least 25 MM, or being not safe hidden trouble; The seat of the depth of the cart ride should be greater than 180 MM, because a surrounding light can let the baby fall out; Children’s bicycle calmly not 12 inches to 20 inches of various types have, when buying, according to the situation of the baby, the choice of the width of the bicycle tube gate, the size and protect balance wheel standards.

Parents in buying toys, should choose to have credibility of shop counters, once produce quality disputes can also get to treatment in time. Because toys with the baby grow in at the same time, also may be buried in the hidden trouble of the baby side, therefore, safety first.

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