The revised toy safety standard ASTM F963

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Existing ASTM F963-08 many terms are revised, waiting for the Toy industry manufacturers, importers, consumers, the third party test lab and CPSC (adviser status of ASTM committee at the end of the resolution and vote. Through CPSIA regulations, ASTM F963 any revision to the CPSC through evaluation, CPSC in 90 days will vote on whether there is opposition.

If the corrections are not any opposition, the new standard may be ASTM F963-2011 will be a mandatory toy safety standards. If there is opposition, only the CPSC accept correction to become legal requirements (in the next ASTMF963 CPSIA standard is mandatory).On July 20, 2011, CPSC no objection to vote through the approved third party testing to ensure that forced the safety of children’s toys.

1. Although the U.S. toy since 2009 has 2 month are required to comply with forced the third party test requirements, but the committee to reserve time for manufacturers, importers and their own brands implement toy third party testing and certification, will be forced to third party testing and certification requirements put back to December 31, 2011 started.

The latest ASTM F963-08 version proposed revision contents brief summary as follows:At the end of a spherical poke injury risk: no significant change; Just increase by illustrations show and will be heading to “at the end of a spherical related toy”.Toy seat definition: a play value seat, not only is a chair.Ride a toy and the stability of the seat: to expound seat design and test method changes, including forward, backward and lateral direction, toy seat also need stability testing.Riding toys and seat overload requirements: clarify “toy seat” included in the standard, although furniture exemption from the standard; Increase the specific test method and showed that and overloading of laboratory test method in the past to remain consistent.plastic film: the title changed, for all the plastic film have requirements, not just for packaging.

Test method to eliminate repetitive content changes.Soft stuffed exemptions: will shake the bell, the toy, the tooth is revised and federal terms rattles regulations and EN71 specific shapes and sizes of toys to keep consistent, filling in for soft toys hard parts also must be in accordance with this requirement.The chin into: will test the template of the third dimension size to standard size, the template through the open mouth to completely.The rope and flight device: the resistance coefficient to resistance, and maintain consistent and accurate EN71 text expression, the only term change.Combustibility: for in terms A4.6.3.6 test results of the test sample judge by “should be” to “must”, will the regulation from “advice” to “instructions”.

Take the extrusion of ring toys: only has the function of extrusion to must be in accordance with the requirements of the templates, the extrusion parts does not need to meet the requirements, such as extrusion toys rings do not have to take the test.New release: will “continuous charging products” and “youth product” increased to 1.4 terms range.The yo-yo: revised when spinning measuring the length of rope stretch test method.Toy box reintegrated into F963: for toy box demands are not CPSIA delete, toy box will be required add back to ASTM F963.Ejection content: combining EN71 standard ISO and; The draft advice if ejection of less than 300 mm distance, the only small parts inspection, point, profit margin and the bullet has suckers on request.

For the kinetic energy of less than 0.08 J catapulted content, the radius at least 2 mm request was a test template to replace, the requirements of various shape of the end of the template can’t go through test, and requirements of the radius of the horn side/at least 0.25 mm. Improvised ejection content be proposed and used to keep the consistency of the test.Heavy metal requirements: increases the base material lead request, will be the lead CPSIA requirements included. Other heavy metals with EN71 soluble limits. Immunity not touch the or cannot entrance and sucking the substrate, exemption from the small parts of metal, glass and ceramics, and follow up and CFR1500. 91 of the exemption.

Specified below 6 years old toys more likely and mouth contact. For small metal components of the cadmium content have special requirements. Increase the content of heavy metal total screening method, when the total content of soluble content is less than, can need not test the heavy metal content of soluble. Heavy metal total content allow mixed test, but soluble migration tests not allowed. Laboratory can choose the verification of the precision of other methods, such as XRF test.Bath toys chuo injury risk: wash bath toys to poke increased risk of injury secondary sections; Increase the appendix toy manufacturers will guide the bathroom damage potential minimize, the main consideration toys floating in bath crock or stay in bath crock bottom with the vertical, hard part causes injury of stamp.

Magnets and magnetic components: will define “magnetic flux density” changed to “the magnetic flux index”; Remove the normal use of the judge before, only see the abuse. Even if the toy does not contain dangerous magnets and magnet parts, as long as the flux than 50, then requires the packaging or instructions include this information. For wood toys, in the water play toy or mouth toys with blow for the test. To clarify the toy magnet and metal DuoZhong combination of the cycle test.The above-mentioned content is the main change content ASTM F963, not including the error or smaller changes editor. Some of the topics listed above continues to discussion, in final standard issue there will still be change before.


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