Those with the baby grow classic dolls

Author: kikils, October 29, 2011, Leave a comment

You father mother was a little also have their own dolls? Do you still remember those who accompany you grow up like dolls?Now the baby doll market sort is various, glow, but there are a few of the classical toys to parents is very familiar.

Perhaps you will for the baby choose these classic toys, to review old carefree childhood?In addition to the entertainment, the benefits of toys is also very much. Children at play, sometimes to a phrase in toys, and Toy “speak” like, do not look down upon this communication mode, it give children use the language to express the meaning of opportunities.

Toys can encourage the children to make sense to contact with the world, such as stimulating their vision, hearing and touch, and help them to cooperate on the reaction of the various senses, to contact and cognitive outside new things. The child’s hands and feet, the coordination of the eye with the body such as the function, need training and set up gradually, the toy is one of the best training tools.


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