Kaloo brand toy

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Pink tonal, cute teddy bear, believe that many mother saw will be greatly shout: card wow Iraq!!!!! Yes, this is the most parents first look at Kaloo brand product first reaction. Today PCbaby small make up to you about the French baby brand Kaloo and which to buy it products more cost-effective.

Brand background and product series

Kaloo founder is a French father. At that time, the father thought for their children to design various soft, comfortable doll. He chose profusion, lively colour, all kinds of fabric, the purpose is to create a his baby want to bear doudou. And the cubs, later became the Kaloo brand symbol animal.
From 1998 years since founding, Kaloo in just a few years, easily overtook the children’s heart. In France, Kaloo 858 sales offices in the world, there are more than 4500 home sales of goods Kaloo boutique.

Kaloo can say is a young brand, but now it is very rich in producing products, including children’s clothing and accessories, toys and dolls, household products, bedding, and even launch baby special perfume.

Kaloo brand toy 300x223 Kaloo brand toy

Kaloo brand Toy

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