Swimming is good for kids

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Parents in the summer have any children went to the swimming pool to swim? Except for swimming with entertaining besides, still have a lot of good oh,Swimming, because the buoyancy of water effect, weakened the gravity of the blood circulation, the influence of the work for the heart has provided the favorable conditions;

And it is on the skin blows, and can play the massage effect of foreign weeks blood vessels. Therefore, through the swimming can make the heart get better training. Swimming, water pressure forced vital capacity of thoracic increase, the thoracic development has the good function. The thermal conductivity of the water than air. People in the water activity than on land energy consumption activities.

To compensate, requires the digestive system to strengthen the digestion, absorption function, to absorb a lot of nutrients, and to meet the need. This no doubt to promote the growth of babies beneficial. Often attend the infant swimming, because since the childhood in water environment activities, so rarely gets a cold.Japanese children swimming researchers study has confirmed that, not the infant swimming than the infant swimming practice to the high incidence of three to four times. In addition, swim sun benefit of destinations, which is beneficial to the infant bone calcification, prevent rickets.

kids Swimming Swimming is good for kids

kids Swimming


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