The security problem of baby toys 1

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The security problem of baby toys
The baby’s growth cannot leave the all kinds of toys, dolls, the girls like to hang out with soft toys, are relatively safe. Boys like Toy gun, cars, electric toy safety will send some. Some baby loves playing the bullet gun, some even wounded other PALS, and cause unnecessary trouble. So security is your choice for baby toys should be considered important factors.

Before buying, you should know the following:
1. Check the toy instructions
Buy in toys pay attention to see whether the toys through the safety qualified inspection.
2. To store the shop of buying toys
Best buy toys to big shop counters, though the return is troublesome, but store the sources of some relative regular, good reputation is high. In the market fair or PiFaDian buy toys though superior price, but since most of the production of small businesses is private, not through the safety testing, so hard to ensure quality.
3. Check the toy is durable
Some toys for a few days to spread shelf, the baby in play to broken toys when stabbed, and so had better choose sturdy toys for the baby to play, and to do so is relatively save money.
4. If it’s electric toy, should check whether there is a safety protection devices
The parents should be to buy a baby safety protection devices of the electric toys. When the baby to play, if the accident will automatically stop, lest produce risk.

The security problem of baby toys The security problem of baby toys 1

The security problem of baby toys

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