The security problem of baby toys 2

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5. Note the Toy is the material form contains toxic
All the crayon, coating and toys should is non-toxic, because they may enter the baby’s mouth. When buying goods should pay special attention to the show and buy authentic goods produced in the factory, because the quality reputation will guarantee.

6. Check for children ride toys of security, comfort
If is the car or small children bicycle used to ride a toy, car seats should be fit for the little baby butt, made him feel comfortable, car seats and the distance between the pedal also should be suitable for the baby’s legs, or the baby on the seat wriggle d, to his development adverse, are not safe. In addition the car should choose to have the rear wheels auxiliary wheel, so it does not let the baby fall.

7. Don’t buy may make children receive the accident harm of toys
In buy all the toys, attention shall be paid to look at the toys have small parts, in case the baby for swallowing and suffocation. Had better choose no sharp edges of toys, in case scratch the baby’s skin.

8. To the child’s toys regularly safety check and disinfection
To the baby often play a toy, you should always check, to make sure there was no damage or parts fall off, because the baby to the toy usually bigger destructiveness. At the same time, it should always check the equipment outdoor games, to determine whether or not they are safe and reliable.

For smaller the child’s small toys, to regular disinfection, because children may put them into his mouth, so that the children infected with the disease.Hello, children of parents should discover in time problem, but his parents are the best teacher in children, to children doing good, parents must first be with body responsibility, of course, there are some problems is the parents also can not solve, you can go to the baidu search “I love baby’s development center”, there are a lot of parenting know, can help you to solve the problem of children.


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