Buy toys must note hidden trouble

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Buy toys must note hidden trouble

The store had coloured toys, parents when the choice, in addition to consider can develop intelligence, is the education role enlightenment, but also pay attention to the safety, health and non-toxic.

(1) should pay attention to safety
Give the children choose toys, should not only pay attention to the child’s age and applicability, but also pay attention to whether there is a hidden danger. But also pay attention to the Toy whether smooth, do not have the burr, so as not to hurt the child’s skin.

(2) the choice easy clean, easy disinfection of toys
Because toys to play long easily carry viruses and bacteria that cause disease cross infection, the wash, temperamental predominance disinfection, so keep the toys clean health.

(3) to choose non-toxic toys
Market all kinds of plastic toys, all with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made of plastic. In order to maintain the gorgeous color is not refund, often join metal cadmium. Aging can decompose the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) after harmful to human body hydrogen gas, cadmium toxicity is very strong, can be encroached one’s nerves safety systems. And some wooden or made of iron toy, the surface with paint, and paint contains lead, arsenic, benzene, toxic substances, if the children often in your mouth chew toys or playing don’t wash hands eat, so, toxic material would slowly through the mouth, intake body, cause chronic poisoning, from all kinds of diseases and happen.
In order to the healthy growth of children, parents in the choose and buy toys for children, the children of different age stages according to the characteristics and needs of the development, must pay attention to safety, health and non-toxic, lest made into some adverse reactions.


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