how to choose toys for 0-3 years old baby

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1-3 month about how to choose the baby toys?

Long to 3 months, the time when first born awake than significantly increased, feel the ability to get further development, eyes adjusting function also improved. Can already see far closer and the object, the ear sensitivity also improved, be adult picked up the head to feel his neck have support. See adult made his mouth will has a slight sigh vain vain voice.
Appropriate toys: should choose quality of a material soft, beautiful shapes and bright color, promote development and audio visual baby the coordinated development of the toys. Such as suspension little dolls or small animals, music rotating toys or music sounded toys, color small bell, and so on.

Toy safety tips: big music can damage the baby to the hearing, music too much and noisy will affect the mood of the baby. Filler unqualified is a very big hidden trouble, is likely to produce such as respiratory infections diseases, serious still can cause bronchospasm, cough and even asthma, eczema, etc will be part of the baby skin irritation.


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