Toys can promote the development of children’s imagination

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In the middle of the children, because the speech ability also lower, the baby of the information received mainly through the perceptions get image information, and toys to its vivid hyperbole image, bright bright color stimulate baby with various senses to contact. In the process of contact with toys, baby through the eyes, ears, mouth taste, hand to touch, contact with all kinds of toys of different materials, strengthening the sensory sensitivity and observation, promote the perception of the ability.

Parents should be at home for the baby has a rich environment create toys. Toys should consider the toys to color, size, shape and other characteristics, to prepare for the baby of different colors, contrast more obvious toys, the size of the toys should consider the height of baby features.

In addition, in the baby and toys in the process of contact, parents should strengthen baby’s perceptive ability guidance, let baby “jump a jump” can pick to apple. If can guide baby to touch flannelette class, silk class, the plastic toys, let him talk about feelings.
Take a look at, let him see the color of the Toy of different, let him choose the toys to play like color, the color is the depth of toys, let the baby to the color to have a preliminary consciousness.

For every, lets him feel the weight of the toys, still can let him for every balloons and big blocks, about which is more heavy.
Promote baby’s language development

Toy itself is a kind of baby represents tool, using conventional language sign system of society, the toy is the baby more handy “language”. Toy is a “no word book”, it’s more like a “teaching syllabus” or “textbook” of open mode, give more for learners of independent construction, imaginary space, stimulating the baby’s express their desires, for the baby to the freedom of expression of create a favorable language environment.
The baby in toys process to develop the his oral language. Between the exchange of baby toys and play of the exchange, make its language in imperceptible progress. “I can play with your car?” “Can I join you play board games?” “I can use my pig for your ducklings?” “Yes.” “Good.” “Let’s play together.” “I’m playing it, for a while you play with.” Two baby’s dialogue can see the use of polite expressions, they use the polite expressions so appropriate?


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