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The plush Toy is pure wool or artificial fiber woven into the fabric of the plush as, after cutting, sewing, add packing and become various shapes of toys. The plush toys most suitable for 2 ~ 6 years old children play. Because it soft, good safety, modelling is lively and lovely, infant very like touch make sport. In recent years due to the use of high-grade plush fabric, make this kind of toy is worth improve, very popular. Foreign some young men and women even as a token of his love plush toys, more many family plush toys as the indoor decorations, so this kind of toy sales increased sharply in recent years.Choose its plush toys shall, first from the aspects such as modelling, the fabric primary, and then from sewing, fillings, attachment fastness the many aspects, and finally from a wide variety of plush toys to select suitable for their children’s variety.

A, modelling choice:

(a) according to the child’s age to choose the modelling of soft toys.

1, 0 ~ 2 years old.For 0 ~ 2 years old in infancy children, because they chose the modelling exaggerated animals, that is, the more intuitive cartoon modelling, such as big head big eyes puppy, the rabbit. Because at this point in the children’s thinking not mature, identify ability is bad, what they need is prominent, the shape of the brightly colored toy. The colour of toys is best choose pink or milk yellow, because this age children to red, yellow color reaction is sensitive, helps to enhance their attention. The size of the toys of unfavorable choose too large, generally in children were less than half of all can, in order to touch the children mocked.

2, 3 ~ 6 years old.To 3 ~ 6 years old in its infancy of children, the modelling of selected toys should be to realistically give priority to, so that children recognition and knowledge. In the choice of animal toys when had better to characterization, to deepen our impression children. If choose toy panda should be black and white, let the children know that this is the panda’s features. Although there is a black bear also have the color of black and white alternate with, but unfavorable choose to infants, lest make their illusions. Best used to take the children to come to the zoo to watch the real animal, so that their plush toys to increase interest. This period of the children of course can choose a few hyperbole type animals, but the exaggerated to cannot and real animals must be confused as the prerequisite.

3 and 6 years old and above.For young children, it still can choose a few female plush animals, such as wear skirts bear, wear the other little bowknot, let the children know that animals also has a sexual distinction. At the same time can also find some mother set of stuffed animals, such as bears mother and bear children, so as to enhance the interests of the child, increase the life breath. Still can choose a few wear clothes of the Plush Toy animals, even can buy some more clothes, also can let their children for toys sewing or knitting clothing, let the child to toy wear clothes, wash clothes, to develop their labor view.

(2) choose appearance.Modelling selected to the appearance of the plush toys after selection, check whether the head rounder, full, and soft hard moderate. The nose should roughly center position may not be skewed. The location of the nose and ears should be symmetrical arrangement, can not have obvious directly. The location of the lips and tongue should be aimed at the location of the nose, and shall not be offset. The symmetry of limbs should be consistent degree, the length to buy. If there were no problems the examination, the primary qualified.
Second, fabric and sewing quality choice:The plush toys pure wool and chemical fiber fabric points two. Pure wool fabrics price is high, easy to eat by moth, so little to choose.

Difference between pure wool and chemical fiber fabrics have a more simple way: from the plush toy plucked a few fiber, with a set of burning observe the results, such as leaving black “carbon content, use your fingers a pinch namely into powder, is pure wool fabric; If the burning leaves after brown paste, with a pinched fingers have the feeling of squishy, is for chemical fiber.Check the quality of fabric should be in the toy take it on, and the direction of the plush natural cover ShunNi touch lane, plush should not hair removal, don’t show, no bug eat by moth, no mildew, no color difference, comb wool cloth with soft nap after the matter should be restored. If the cloth with soft nap of touch make again after the comb is less than the same back, looked a mess stripe, show this toy by use of fabric quality is not good enough.General in the head and body of the toy coupling place and limbs and body of the coupling place all use sewing process, carefully check. The general standard is the uniform, no line feet off line, no exposed thrum. For appraisal sewing fastness, usable hand knead a toy of any one sewing parts, or so urgent pull 3 times, should not have break or rupture phenomenon.

(3), fillings and eyes the color fastness choice:The plush toy is the shape of depend on fillings shows. The past is generally using sawdust, paring, waste cotton, because do not with health requirements, is now very rarely used. Now of the plush toy general cotton, polyester and acrylic filling sponge, etc. With handle gently knead plush toy, hand induction elastic, no hard pieces. The entire toy looks clear-cut, it will be on the table, four feet should be able to stand, not stagger. With the hand will toys body flattened, after open hand, toys shall immediately restorable, no sag relaxation feeling, show fillings elastic foot, quality of a material is good.The plush toy eyes is the key to the quality, the requirement is not easy to fall off assembly firm, to avoid being swallowed by children consequences. Check the fastness had better use DanHuangCheng, general under tension in the eyes to 90 Newton above. In the shop at ordinary times choose plush toy, can with his thumb and forefinger knead to pull at the eyes, if cannot be easily pull out that is unqualified, such as gently pull out the eyes that are not choose and buy. Some plush toy use cartoon eyes, is to check the above colour should not easy spalling. Finger rub your eyes can be used for several times, fingers should be no dyeing. For most of the eyes still should be examined for assembling whether level off, without apparent in the eyes of bubbles.

choose plush toy choose plush toy

choose plush toy

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