1000 pounds toy duck drifting 14 years is worth surged

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According to the British media, in 1992, a ship set out from China in the Pacific cargo face intense storms, the ship a full 29000 plastic toys container only fall in the sea. Incredibly, among them more than 10000 only Toy duck of “duck fleet” on the ocean drifting for 14 years, 35000 km later, may in the next year arrived in England coast.

Wrecked and bring up “duck fleet”According to the report, “duck Crusoe” began in 1992. A toy factory on the shipment of goods from China, going to cross the Pacific to the Washington state tacoma port. But after starting 6500 kilometers, cargo ship in the international date line near the ocean meet fierce storms, a full 29000 only bath crock of plastic toys container fall in yellow sea and fell to crack, make all the toys, including the beaver, turtles, frogs and rubber ducks, etc all kinds of toys floating in the sea, because the number of duck more, thus forming a huge “duck fleet” drift with the current. In the first three years, one group of 19000 duck completed more than 10000 kilometers of the Pacific subtropical circulation, along the way after Indonesia, Australia, South America and Hawaii, sea and drifting 11 kilometers a day on average.Hard across the arctic southHowever, another group of about 10000 duck was left out of the ocean currents, floating to the north. In 1993, when they drift into Russia and the United States of the bering strait between Alaska, “duck fleet” to be frozen in the cold ice, can only slowly drifting 3200 kilometers to the North Pole direction.

Then, “duck fleet” began to move south, in drifted south after 6400 km to nova scotia, Canada. When the ice began to thaw, the duck finally to the liberation, the east coast to the United States spent 3200 kilometers. Now, this 10000 to duck continued to drift toward the south.”Invasion” Britain next yearNow, “duck fleet” on the ocean drifting 14 years later, positive British “invasion”. The scientists say the Marine debris monitoring, with the “duck fleet” not long ago met around the Caribbean to British waters of the Gulf Stream between, is beginning to float the more the Atlantic ocean. According to the forecast, “duck fleet is likely to drift in the Atlantic 4800 km in 2007 after a certain time of the coast arrived in England.Oceanographer Curtis · YiBeiSi meyer said: “we’ve received the report, says this batch of duck is currently near the east coast drifting. So they will inevitably after the Gulf Stream, the Atlantic and eventually appeared in Britain the beach.

The first wave ‘” duck fleet arrived in likely at Cornwall coast.” It is reported, when they arrived in England, the total rafting trip is 35000 kilometers.Each duck for a value to 1000 poundsAccording to the report, 29, a British television broadcast of the documentary “the yellow ducks invasion” will be to “duck fleet” saga disclosure experience. Meanwhile, scientists are drifting route to the study to understand ocean currents and the mystery of the north polar ice cap.More interesting is, this one “duck fleet” around the world in a “found duck hot”. A group of Marine lovers of spontaneous “chase duck race”, specialized surveillance “duck fleet” whereabouts. Whenever “duck fleet” will arrive in a coast, “after duck race” the crazy to flock to the beach, for these famous duck.A few days ago, the first imports from China this batch of the duck’s American company says, would like to with each only for $100 will take back the duck, but no one ignore–because in the collector hand, each duck for a price has to 1000 pounds, it is the company of nearly 20 times the offer.

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