Toys and children’s training 2

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Visual training:

1, the eyesight of the people including two party: people vision includes two aspects: one is to see, and that is outside the brightness, contrast, shape, color, and many other information reaction to the eye, like form, equivalent to the role of color photography.

2 it is to look at, this belongs to a kind of higher heart activities, namely observation object by heart, write down the brain, and used to and past experience compared.2, vision is gradually development mature: the vision to the baby is gradually development mature, born just two weeks, mother embrace while feeding the baby, the baby like staring at my mother’s face. General born in 10 weeks or so, you can begin to distinguish color.

3, age is different, can see distance different:Fine movement and big movement:1, grasping ability: son period, the baby is in the palm of the hand thumb clench fist a form, also won’t grip. As growth, the baby will put his hand into his mouth sucking, after the full moon baby will put his hand on the eyes to look at them closely. To 2 ~ 3 months, they’ll put his hands hold together play in front. But at the moment of small hand is not active open, can consciously put some with fine handle toys in the little hands, such as wow sticks, plastic, land rattle knead ring toys.2, 3 turn six sit, seven to roll stand, one full year of life is to walk. Action is the child of the development of intelligence development prerequisite, also is an important symbol of intelligent development. Active children often is the clever little horror. The child’s movement development, including big action and fine movement. Big action including the head of the control, sit, turn over, climb, stand, walk, crouching, running, jumping, etc. Fine movement including the hand of junior moves, such as grasping ability. It is a very complex hand-eye coordination action, by the brain, the movement of the optic nerve center hand central joint control, to be the optic nerve mature, the finger small muscles and mature, just can make eye coordination activities. The movement of your hands development is one of the important signs of wisdom. There is a certain rule for development, through the various movements of the development level, can check out the brain of maturity. Therefore, people say the wisdom on your fingers.


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