Choose plush toys from the details

Author: kikils, December 3, 2011, Leave a comment

1.see toys eye

High quality plush toys eyes are very bright so deep, so god, felt able to communicate with them. Inferior toys eyes are dark rough, dull, no god, even some toys, eye and bubbles.
The most important is pulling a drag eyes, see if easy to loose.

2.see toys nose and mouth.

In plush toys, animal nose points several, leather bag, with a handmade, and is made of plastic.Good skin nose is with the very good leather or good artificial leather production and into, make to nose plump and exquisite. And inferior nose leathery very rough, loading was not full. With the nose do, good seam nose is very fine work, in order. Plastic nose good smooth, fruity colour even.

Note no matter which kind of material nose, and feels don’t have the feeling of hand thorn, don’t cable head, pull when will not loose.


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